Calculus 2

Most of the following videos were created for an AP Calculus course using the 2015-2016 syllabus. Some topics are not covered in depth but are more of a surface understanding. Some Calculus topics are not included.

NOT ALL VIDEOS ARE CLOSED CAPTIONED but this process is being worked on.

Math 181 Videos (Spring 2019)

Make sure you watch the videos on to earn credit. These are here only if you want to rewatch them.

Volumes with Known Cross Sections

Volumes with Cylindrical Shells

Integration by Parts

Trigonometric Integrals

Improper Integrals


Integral Test (for series) (≈8 min)

Methods of Integration (≈43 min)

(includes basic integrals using substitution, integration by parts, basic partial fraction decomposition)

Trapezoidal Approximation Method (≈30 min)

Applications of Integration

Integral as a Net change (≈31 min)

AP Net Change (part 1) (≈55 min)

AP Net Change (part 2) (≈47 min)

Separable Differential Equations (≈ 38 min)

Slope Fields (≈ 34 min)

Logistic Differential Equations (≈49 min)

Euler's Method (≈25 min)

Arc Length (≈9 min)

Parametric Differentiation and Arc Length (≈28 min)

Vector-Valued Functions (≈42 min)