Miss Maggie’s Vision

Miss Maggie Mandarin classroom is designed to be a fun, happy, safe and loving environment. The goal is to provide the highest quality Mandarin learning possible to preschool and school age children. Miss Maggie has created her own curriculum with a focus on teaching children fundamental reading and writing. In addition, she has also included creative activities which motivate children learning in a fun way.

School-age (Ages 5-8)

This class is designed for children ages 5-8. School age children learn Mandarin through various methods of language and culture study, including arts and crafts, songs, fun and games, stories, and physical movements. In this class, along with strengthening students’ daily conversation skills, children will continue to learn Chinese characters and pinyin.

Pre-K (Ages 3-4)

This class is designed for children 3 and 4 (must be potty trained). This class has group activities and individual work time. Activities include story-time, creative movement, arts and crafts, nursery rhymes and songs. The focus is on familiarizing students with the Chinese Language.

Kinder (Ages 4 – 5)

This class is designed for children ages 4 and 5. Children will learn Chinese culture and language arts, singing and dancing, simple mathematics, arts and crafts, group games, and story telling skills all in Mandarin. They will also learn basic Chinese characters, reading and writing.

Learning Mandarin is fun!

  • Artistic, creative methods which motivate children to learn

  • A strong academic core

  • Monthly themed curriculum

  • Simplified Chinese 简体字/ Traditional Chinese 繁體字

  • Hàn yǔ pīn yīn 汉语拼音

  • Loving environment

  • Serving age 3 to school age