Miss Maggie’s Vision

Miss Maggie Mandarin classroom is designed to be a fun, happy, safe and loving environment. The goal is to provide the highest quality Mandarin learning possible to preschool and school age children.  Miss Maggie has created her own curriculum with a focus on teaching children fundamental reading and writing. In addition, she has also included creative activities which motivate children learning in a fun way.

 About Miss Maggie Mandarin Classroom…


            Many American students may have had a painful experience with Chinese school. In their mind or experience, Chinese class involves a class with a strict teacher, lots of oral and written repetition, weekly quizzes, and very little fun, if any.  They might even use the word “hate”! 

           Miss Maggie Mandarin Class is designed different (opposite actually) compared to other traditional Chinese classes.  Miss Maggie believes kids learn best in a happy, creative and trust environment. 

            Combining her strong background in Theatre art and many years of Mandarin teaching experiences, Miss Maggie has created her own curriculum with a focus on helping students with daily life conversations in Mandarin, encouraging students to learn Mandarin by being actively engaged in the process of speaking and listening. She has also included creative activities, which motivate students towards learning how to write and read in a fun way. 

About Miss Maggie


Miss Maggie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Taipei National University of the Arts and has a strong background in Theater and dance. Miss Maggie was a performance teacher at Godot Theatre Company in Taipei.  She has extensive experience in production, directing, choreography and performing. Miss Maggie is enthusiastic about working with children. She is a qualified teacher in Early Childhood Education and has the Child Development Site Supervisor Permit from the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentials.

Learning Mandarin is fun!