Classroom Expectations: In preparation for either the workforce or continued education, my expectations of you as a student and a person are high.  Respect is a must, but so is fun.  I expect punctuality and preparedness for each class day. Discipline problems will not be tolerated.  Professionalism in your activities is encouraged.

Attendance & Late Work Policy: Regular and punctual attendance is a must in this class.  It is a direct reflection of your attitude and commitment to the class and therefore will affect your overall grade. In the business world, work still goes on in your absence and late work is not acceptable, therefore we will follow the same guidelines in this class.  It is to your benefit to be on time with your assignments and to keep your commitments with the class.

Plagiarism:  Any work plagiarized or deemed to be considered cheating (or copying work from others) will result in a zero for that given grade.  Parents and/or guardians will be notified of any violation.

AI Tools:  ChatGPT and other AI tools present an exciting opportunity to enhance your learning experience and foster critical thinking. In many courses, I expect you to leverage these tools, but to do so ethically. These tools allow you to level up, rather than serve as a crutch. Remember that AI tools are your happy assistant, but are not designed to replace you. Be sure to check, verify, and validate any AI content before deployment. Any work that is created using AI tools such as ChatGPT should be cited as "This completed work was done so with the assistance of the following AI tools...

Grading Scale: My grading scale is consistent with the School District of North Fond du Lac grading system.  It is as follows:

Courses currently taught by Mr. Wismer: