The main focus of this course is to cover the fundamentals of accounting as they relate to a proprietorship.  The course includes the study of basic accounting procedures beginning with business transactions and continuing through journal and ledger entries, adjusting and closing entries and preparation of financial statements.


Monopoly Info.

Eddie Ortega Disc Jockey Simulation
Thursday, January 10th
Journalize Sep. 1-5

Monday - January 14th
Journalize Sep. 5-14
Complete steps 2&3 (check numbers before moving on)
Complete step 4

Tuesday - January 15th
Journalize Sep. 15- 21
Complete steps 6&7 (check numbers before moving on)
Complete step 8

Wednesday - January 16th
Journalize Sep 22-27
Complete step 10

Thursday - January 17th
Journalize Sep 27-30
complete through step 13 and have numbers checked

Friday - January 18th
Complete through step 21

Monday - January 21st
complete simulation and take quiz over information


Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Worksheet

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Project Directions

Chapter 4
Chart of Accounts Assignment

chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11
Chapter 11 study guide pages - must complete this before class on Thursday.  Test will be Thursday March 14th

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

You will need both links below to complete the questions.

You will need both links below to complete the questions.

Reinforcement Activity

Chapter 14