for any of our facilities located in the city of Elephant Butte, New Mexico




If any aspect of your storage unit needs maintenance, please call us in Albuquerque at 505-821-0701 with your maintenance request.   Please include your phone number with the maintenance request in case we need to contact you with questions or in case we need your permission to move your boat out of the unit in order to complete the repairs.  Please also make sure we have a copy of your key if you are using a personal lock. 


Our maintenance crew only works two weekends a month.  Please call us as soon as possible with your request so we can put you on our schedule and order any necessary parts.


We highly recommend acquiring your own insurance to protect the value of what ever you are storing and its contents.

Mr. G’s boat storage, LLC., does NOT carry any type of insurance on your boat, vehicle, RV, personal water craft, or on the contents of any of the just mentioned vehicles.  We do NOT carry insurance on any of the contents of your storage unit.  We do NOT carry insurance against theft, physical damage, damage due to weather, or damage that has occurred in any other way not mentioned previously, what so ever.