This project is intended as a versatile mobile robotic platform capable of indoor mapping and navigation while being controlled over the Internet via standard web browser.


    • Mechanically capable of navigating and traversing indoor environment.
    • Capable of surviving accidental collisions caused by both robot and environment.
    • Able to survive for several hours between battery charges and be able to return to charger unaided.
    • Modular construction. It should be easy to replace and upgrade individual components without substantially changing the operation of the remaining components.
    • Self contained. All necessary hardware will be contained within the robot. It will require only it's battery charger and access to a correctly configured wireless network for operation.
    • Ease of operation. No special software should be required to control the robot other than a PC connected to the network running a standard web browser. The user interface should be easy to use allowing a user to tell the robot where to go with a single command and not need to monitor it's progress further.