Meet Blake Burwash

    Hello and welcome to my classroom website. On this page you will learn a little bit about me, my family, passions and teaching.
    I am in my 8th year of teaching Grade 4 at Prince of Peace Lutheran School. I have been teaching for nine years and believe that this is what I am meant to do.
    I married my beautiful wife Julianna in Leduc, Alberta. We met at Augustana University in Alberta. She currently teaches in Calgary. Our first child, Aliyah, was born in 2014.
    My father worked for the government of Alberta in the Horse Industry Branch for over 35 years. My mother gave up her career in the Juvenile Court system to pursue my brother and me full time. I have one brother, Grant, who lives in Texas with his wife. He is going to school for business.
    I grew up on a farm outside of Airdrie, Alberta where we raised horses and had numerous dogs and cats to keep us company. After finishing high school, I attended the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute (CLBI) for two years. It was working at an inner city school in Regina, while attending CLBI, that I decided teaching was to be my occupation. I attended Augustana University for two years then completed my teaching degree at the University of Alberta.
    I am extremely proud to be a teacher and thoroughly delight in learning.

Colour: Deep rich blue (although I am colour blind)
Food: Fettuccine Alfredo
Fruit: Blueberries
Sport: Soccer
Drink: Fresh squeezed, no pulp orange juice
Animal: Grey Wolf
Super Power: Teleportation
Season: Autumn
Subject to Teach: Art
Down Time Activity: Reading
Weekend Activity: Hiking and Backpacking
Summer Activity: Traveling with Julianna and Aliyah