Setting room

1. To configure the shortcut to run as administrator: Properties - Compatibility - Privilege Level

2. Add to the antivirus exceptions (if used)

3. Run room and switch into English

4. Open any empty table

5. Click Menu, select View (Classic, Arcade, Mini или Fun) and save (Use as Default View):

Warning!!! The selected View can not be changed during the operation of the program and it needs to match the setting of MPN Tools (General - Table View).

If you cannot change the View on the table, you must the program to select "Fun" for "Fish Party" tables, "Blaze" for "Blaze" tables.

6. Click Menu, Options, select tab "Bet Slider - General" and make settings:

"Enable mouse scroll wheel" you can not disable if you will not use the mouse wheel in the program

7. In the chat you should click on the "Expand Chat" and enable "Full Detail":

Click "Collapse Chat"

8. To disable badges:

you need to select: Lobby - My account - View my achievments - Privacy - Private

9. Close room.