to my personal webpage where you will find information about what I am working on, my CV, and other professional stuff. I have always loved learning and understanding the beautiful and complex world we live in. I started my research adventure seven years ago, and I keep been amazed with the world out there. My interests are very  interdisciplinary, but focused on the study of complex systems and emergent phenomena. My goal as a researcher is to make interesting and high quality contributions as well as to have fun with science.  


2019 February 7th I'm giving a seminar at the Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping university (campus Norrköping), Sweden.

2019 January 11th I'm giving a talk at the XVI Workshop of GISC (Grupo Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos), at at Universidad Complutense Madrid

2018 September 28th We are participating in the Novena Noche Europea de los Investigadores e Investigadoras, presenting our experimental work developed during the IBSEN project.

2018 September 3rd I moved back to Madrid (Spain) to work as Profesor Ayudante Doctor (Assistant Professor) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales, in the DIOADE department (Departamento de Ingeniería de Organización, Administración de Empresas, y Estadística).

2018 May 31st I am happy to announce that I am joining the Editorial Board of Socio Physicspart of the journal Frontiers in Physics.

2018 July 24-26th I will be at the Cambridge IBSEN International Conference on Large scale Experiments, presenting our IBSEN project results in a talk entitled Revisiting Public Goods Game: size and information effects on cooperation.

2018 April 10th will be at GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften in Köln, giving a talk entitled Understanding human cooperation: from models to experiments.

2018 February 13-14th I will be at the Tinbergen Institute (Amsterdam) giving a seminar about Revisiting Public Goods Game: size, decision time intervals, and information effects on cooperation, and also visiting the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance (CeNDEF | University of Amsterdam)

2018 February 6-8th I will be at BIFI International Conference 2018: Complexity, Networks and Collective Behaviour talking about The emergence of altruism as a social norm.

2017 December 1st - I've moved to Germany to work with Markus Strohmaier at RWTH Aachen University, Methods and Theories of Computational Social Sciences and Humanities at RWTH Aachen (Germany).

2017 October 25-27 - I'll be at COSTNET17 conference, held at IFISC, Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Poster: Dunbar's numbers and social structure: an experiment. 

2017 September 4-8 - I'll be giving a tutorial Introduction to socio-economic experiments with oTree at the Summer School on Complex Socio-Technical Systems that will be held at the IFISC in Mallorca (Spain).

2017 July 10-13
- I was honoured to present a keynote talk at IC2S2 in Cologne (Germany). Talk: Learning to be nice: social norm as a result of adjusting expectations. Poster: Dunbar's numbers and social structure: an experiment.

2017 June 5-8 - I was at the conference Crossroads in Complex Systems, hold at the IFISC in Mallorca (Spain). Poster: Dunbar's numbers and social structure: an experiment.

2017 April 26-28 - We are organising COMSOTEC 2017 in Madrid at UC3M!! Join us for this great Workshop.