If you are visiting EURECOM, my recommendation is to stay at a hotel in Antibes, the nearest city to EURECOM that is located along the ocean. You can enjoy a pretty old town and beautiful landscapes.

How to come to Antibes from the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport


  • From the airport, take a tram to the "Parc Phoenix" stop. You need to buy a ticket from a ticket machine before taking the tram.
  • From the Parc Phoenix, take a bus line Nr. 200. Get off at the bus stop "Pôle d'échanges Antibes", the main bus station in Antibes. You can buy a ticket on the bus.


  • From the airport, go to the train station "Gare de Nice Saint-Augustin" and take a train to Antibes. You can check the schedule by Google Map.

Of course, you can come to Antibes by using Uber or Taxi, but they are much more expensive (e.g., Uber costs something like 30-40 EUR). On the other hand, the bus ticket only costs 1.5 EUR, and the train ticket around 5 EUR.

How to come to EURECOM from Antibes

  • You can take a bus to come to EURECOM from Antibes. You can get the information of bus lines and schedules at
  • I recommend you to install the mobile app of the bus company into your phone. This is the easiest way to know the locations of bus stops and routes to your destinations.
  • The nearest bus stop to EURECOM is “Templiers”
    • There are a few bus lines passing the “Templiers” stop (Bus lines A and Nr. 100) from Antibes. Details can be found on the website of the bus company:
    • The easiest way to use these buses is to install the mobile app of the bus company ( ), specify EURECOM as your destination, and follow the recommended route.
    • For instance, you can take the bus line A from bus stops in Antibes such as, e.g., “Pôle d'échanges Antibes” ( ) and “Dugommier” ). The direction should be towards “Valbonne Sophia Antipolis”.
    • Bus line A is the most frequent line from Antibes to EURECOM. However, currently, it is a bit tricky to use (as of 13th Feb 2020).
      • Please look at “Direction GARE ROUTIÈRE Valbonne Sophia Antipolis” in the route information of line A ( ). In the route, there is “St-Philippe”, a newly built bus stop located very close to the “Templiers” stop.
      • However, from a certain technical issue, this bus does not pass the “St-Philippe” stop but arrives at “Templiers”. The tricky thing is that on the bus, it is not displayed nor announced that the bus will arrive at “Templiers”.
      • Therefore, to get off “Templiers”, you need to track where your bus is currently moving (e.g., by looking at the mobile app or the Google map, with GPS). Another tricky thing, however, is that the mobile app also says that the bus arrives at “St-Philippe”, which is not correct.
  • You can also get off the bus at the “INLIA” bus stop, which is the next bus stop of “Templiers’’ ( ). On the bus, this stop is announced.