About us

Motogirlz was borne out of a desire for one woman motorcyclist to connect to other woman motorcyclists in northeastern Ohio, USA. Since 2003, Motogirlz has evolved into an an informal, social network for woman riders and friends of sport-style motorcycles who are consumed with the heady perfume of oil, rubber, asphalt and exhaust. On sun-dappled days, many a household might be found in disarray as woman riders abandon the whir of a vacuum, household chores and sometimes their husbands and children to answer the undeniable call of smooth, open and voluptuous roads. 

Not all riders are alike. Some prefer short rides, long conversations and people watching. Others expect no less than a jaunt to West Virginia, "Ohio's backyard", to play and return by at least dinner time...if possible. Whatever the ride, expect to be admonished if you ride beyond your skill level or don't wear proper gear. Although Ohio is a voluntary helmet law; motogirlz and friends believe that helmets are crucial to safety...no helmet...no ride. And it goes without saying, no alcohol. Not that you'll need any :) And please, be endorsed. It's your responsibility and the right thing to do.

How to Join - New Riders Welcome!

Motogirlz is an informal, social riding club. We have no membership fees, just the passion to ride and meet other women riders. If you are interested in being a part of Motogirlz,  please join us on facebook to help women riders stay in touch with one another. 

Motogirlz of California!
May 14, 2013

A note from Motogirlz Administrator (Founder)
Siu Yan Scott

For those who know me, it's been a while! Having a baby and busy career disrupted my typical weekend schedule for canyon carving hundreds of miles to West Virginia and back to Cleveland, OH. We also changed our track habits to  accommodate a local schedule (motoseries.com) and budget limits. Nelson Ledges is our Mid Ohio! 

Through Facebook, I still connect with other woman riders and related motorcycle news and events and more importantly, keep the Motogirlz presence alive. Through Facebook, I continue to meet other great women who not only ride but managed to balance their passion for two wheels with a family, husband, children, pets and everything else that make us 'superwoman'. 

Mother and daughters with two wheels

Two of these women have come together to be the new administrators for women who ride in the California area: Christine Schallmo and Annika Hertz. Please follow Motogirlz of California on Facebook. This article does not do justice for their energy, enthusiasm, spirit and willingness to meet you! 

Please click here to read more about Christine and Annika.