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Flaming Gorge Points Of Interest & Fishing Locations
Utah Points Of Interest & Sites To See At Flaming Gorge

Alabama Flat 

Geological feature (flat) adjacent to Gold Point and 2.19 mi. from the Flaming Gorge Summer Homes Area.   

Antelope Flat

The landscape is mainly rolling, sagebrush covered hills, with both warm days and cool nights.

The area is known not only for its beautiful and startling red cliffs, but also its world class fishing. Lake, brown and rainbow trout fishing, boating, swimming and scuba diving.

Bare Top Mountain

Is the remnant of an ancient erosion surface that has been uplifted in recent times. U. S. Highway 191 runs from south to north through the range at the right and follows Cart Creek down the north side. Cart Creek flows from south to north through the highest part of the range and had to be in place before the crest was lifted to its present height. 

Bear Canyon (bootleg trail)

An easy trail that provides a fine introduction to the Flaming Gorge area. The double track dirt road is well maintained and offers views of Red Canyon and Lake Flaming Gorge from an overlook at the end of the trail. This is also enjoyable as an evening ride as the sunsets from the viewpoint are incredibly beautiful.  Views from the jet boat make for an incredible view while fishing. 

Beehive Point

Beehive Point, named for the many swallows that nested there. 

Boar's Tusk

Striking evidence of early human inhabitants is seen in rock art found at the Boar's Tusk, Seedskadee, and East Flaming Gorge areas. Researchers interpret the petroglyphs carved into rock at these sites as biographical, ceremonial, or spiritual expressions. The Red Desert's Black Art petrogylph is thought to date back 11,500 years, according to anthropologist and cultural historian Russell L. Tanner who says the rock art may be the continent's oldest.

 Borrow Pit

A man made feature just N. of Antelope Flat and SE across Flaming Gorge Res. From Lucerne Valley.  Used as reference point for superb fishing. 

Cart Creek Bridge

Scenic Cart Creek Bridge was built in 1963 with a span of 550 feet. The bridge spans Flaming Gorge Lake near Flaming Gorge Dam. It is the longest single span in Utah. 

Cedar Spring

Located near the shore of Flaming Gorge Reservoir at an elevation of 6100 feet, this area with its rolling hills has a high desert landscape with mainly pinion pine, juniper and sagebrush.  

Chokecherry Draw

 A geological feature (draw) just S. of Antelope Flat accessible from Road 145 and Hwy 191. 

Dam & Spillway

 Flaming Gorge Dam was constructed between 1958-1964.  The Flaming Gorge Dam is 502 feet (153 m) high above the Green River. It measures 1,180 feet (360 m) long along its crest and its maximum base thickness is 131 feet (40 m), while its crest thickness is 27 feet (8.2 m). The dam contains about 987,000 cubic yards of concrete. 

Deer Run


A campground near Cedar Springs Marina..  Access to the water is through the Cedar Springs campground & marina. Campground amenities include a fish cleaning station.


Dowd Mountain


The 7,700-foot flat plateaus (Dowd Mountain and Bare Top Mountain) that bracket the steep narrow gorge are remnants of an ancient erosion surface that has been uplifted in recent times. Overlook accessible from Road 094 and Rt. 44.


Dutch John


An unincorporated town located in eastern Daggett Co. UT about 4 mi NE of Flaming Gorge Dam on Hwy 191.  The town was constructed beginning in 1957 by the USBR to house workers working on the construction of Flaming Gorge Dam. Full Services available.


Dutch John Draw


Nestled on the shore of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, this campground is at an elevation of 6000 feet with rolling landscape forested by pinion pine trees. There is a path to the dock right in the campground, providing easy access to water activities and fishing.

The area is known not only for its beautiful and startling red cliffs.

Finch Draw


A geological feature S of Linwood bay where important archeological sites were found and excavated.


Gold Point


An important geological feature on Flaming Gorge Res. S W of Jarvies Canyon and Spring. An important reference point for fishing and sightseeing.




A boat accessible only camp along  Flaming Gorge Res  accommodates 6 boats and tent camping.


Hideout Canyon


This campground is one of the most popular on Flaming Gorge Reservoir and is named for a hiding spot used by Butch Cassidy and his gang. Hideout Canyon is located at 6040' in a Pinion pine and juniper forest on the shore of Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Access to this campground is by boating or hiking.


Hideout Draw


A Draw and Bay near Hideout boat camp.  Excellent location for Lake Trout.  Also accessible by trail.


Horseshoe Canyon

A  long, U-shaped bend; the canyon walls here were of buff-colored Weber Sandstone, which contrasted sharply with the predominant red shades.


Jarvies Spring


A notable area of Flaming Gorge with a spring, canyon and boat camp.  Also an excellent fishing area.


Kingfisher Island


A large Island created by Flaming Gorge Res with beautiful geology and scenic areas.  Excellent for kayaking and boating. Named by Powell for numerous Kingfishers in the area.


Linwood Bay


A large bay near Manila, Ut. with nearby Lucerne Valley Marina.  World famous lake trout fishing location.


Lucerne Marina


A full service Marina near Manila, UT. And located on world famous Linwood Bay. 




Manila is located in at the northern edge of Daggett County, Utah, just south of the Wyoming border. The town is at the junction of State Route 43 and 44, and is the county seat of Daggett County    Nearby sites includes the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The settlement was named Manila in 1898, commemorating the American victory at the Battle of Manila Bay.


Mustang Ridge


This area is forested with pinion pine, juniper and sparse sagebrush. There is an amphitheater that is used for interpretive programs. Campers come here to fish, hike, boat using boat ramp and enjoy the beach area.

The area is known not only for its beautiful and startling red cliffs, but also its world class fishing.



N. Skull Creek


An important fishing area W of Jarvies Canyon. 


Red Canyon


The sheer silent cliffs of Red Canyon may seem oblivious to the passage of time, but scattered along its ledges, in its caves and along its upper reaches are traces of a long and remarkable story. Its geologic story covers eons of time, so humanity's influence here seems very brief. However, more than 10,000 years ago individuals hunted now extinct large mammals in the grasslands just north of Red Canyon and may have camped on the edges of the canyon.


Red Canyon Visitor Center


The Red Canyon Visitor Center seems precariously perched atop the flaming cliffs of the gorge. However, this impressive structure provides a stable space for travelers to rest and learn more about the Flaming Gorge. 


Sheep Creek


An important area of Flaming Gorge Area including a large bay with excellent fishing, boat ramp, campground and scenic look.


Spring Creek


A bay fed by Spring Creek East of Lucerne Marina.  An important location for fishing.

Wyoming Points Of Interest & Sites To See At Flaming Gorge


Green River  - Beginning in the high mountains of Wyoming, this important river; a major tributary of the Colorado River is the main source of water for Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Blacks Fork River – A major river feeding Flaming Gorge Res. It also creates a long arm of the Reservoir running from the NW to SW with numerous geological features and many excellent fishing areas.

Buckboard Crossing Marina – A full service Marina accessible from Road 530  and FR 008  on the W. side of Flaming Gorge Res.  Near to many exceptional fishing areas.

Henrys Fork River – A major river feeding Flaming Gorge Res.  It enters Flaming Gorge just N. of the UT/WY state line.

Sage Creek – A small creek and bay on the W. side of Flaming Gorge and an important fishing area.

Current Creek - A small creek and bay on the W. side of Flaming Gorge and an important fishing area for boats and shore line fly fishing.

Upper Marsh Creek  - A small creek and bay on the W. side of Flaming Gorge and a great fishing area.

Middle Marsh Creek  - A small creek and bay on the W. side of Flaming Gorge great for fishing and sight seeing.

Fire Hole Canyon  - A major geological feature with many chimney rock formations and excellent campground.

Pipeline  -  A large gas pipeline stretching across Flaming Gorge  used as a reference for excellent fishing in this part of the lake.

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