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Selected Media coverage:

Die Furche, 1.12.2017 "Kammern als Pflichtübung?"

Current Research:

Drivers of public sector growth in Imperial Austria 1870-1913

Growth of public consumption in Austria: testing Wagner’s law and Baumol’s cost disease, with Reinhard Neck and Denes Kucsera

Returns to Skills or Returns toTasks?A Comment on Hanushek et al. (2015), with Michael Christl

Demand-side economics in times of high debt: The case of the European Union, with Hanno Lorenz

Gender wage gap and the role of skills: evidence from PIAAC dataset, with Michael Christl

Disentangling fiscal effects of local constitutions, with Jarosław Kantorowicz

Chapters in books:

Is risk always good? Is risk always bad? [in:] Finansowe uwarunkowania rozwoju organizacji gospodarczych. Ryzyko w rachunkowości i zarządzaniu finansami. eds. Turyna J., Rak J., Warsaw 2013 ISBN: 978-83-63962-40-1 

“Metody ilościowe w zarządzaniu” [in:] Decyzyjne systemy zarządzania, [In Polish], ed. Jerzy Kisielnicki, Difin, Warsaw 2012 ISBN: 978-83-7641-622-9 Can be found here.


Essays on spatial competition, PhD Thesis, Vienna 2011

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Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society 2017, Budapest

Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association 2017, Linz

Silvaplana Workshop in Political Economy 2017, Pontresina

Annual Meeting of the German Economic Association 2017, Vienna

Workshop "The Political Economy of Mixed-member Systems", Bremen

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