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Current Research:

Disentangling fiscal effects of local constitutions, with Jarosław Kantorowicz (revise and resubmit at Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)

Public sector efficiency in Europe: Long-run trends, recent developments and determinants, with Michael Christl and Denes Kucsera (revise and resubmit at Kyklos)

Gender wage gap and the role of skills: evidence from PIAAC dataset, with Michael Christl (under review)

Cushion or catalyst? How welfare state generosity moderates the impact of economic vulnerability on populist radical right support, with Laurenz Ennser-Jedenastik

Electoral systems and women’s representation in politics, with Jarosław Kantorowicz

Drivers of public sector growth in Imperial Austria 1870-1913

Growth of public consumption in Austria: testing Wagner’s law and Baumol’s cost disease, with Reinhard Neck and Denes Kucsera

Demand-side economics in times of high debt: The case of the European Union, with Hanno Lorenz und Lukas Sustala

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Chapters in books:

Is risk always good? Is risk always bad? [in:] Finansowe uwarunkowania rozwoju organizacji gospodarczych. Ryzyko w rachunkowości i zarządzaniu finansami. eds. Turyna J., Rak J., Warsaw 2013 ISBN: 978-83-63962-40-1

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Essays on spatial competition, PhD Thesis, Vienna 2011

Refereeing for:

Southern Economic Journal, European Journal of Political Economy, Public Choice, Empirica. Journal of European Economics, Comparative Economic Studies, Munich Social Science Review