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We are the "Moms Who Cook", a duo of soprano with accompanist that can take care of the music for any gathering, italian dinner, religious service, or party with a variety of classical music, show tunes, jazz, ...pretty much you can name it.
We also have an Italian gig we call "Mamme Che Cucinano", in which we dress in Italian garb, and sing favorite Italian songs. We can even sing them in Italian!

For our concerts and upcoming special musical events, click HERE.
We are "Internationally Acclaimed"!!. In April 2009, we performed for a mass in Potenza and did a concert in Vaglio in Southern Italy.  We would like to thank our American family and friends for sponsoring some of the trip, and also our family and friends in Vaglio who provided room, board, and transportation. We would especially like to thank L'Dimora Dei Cavalieri (B&B, restaurant, Agriturismo excepzionale!) for its help in Vaglio. To learn more about this wonderful place, please see their website at www.dimoracavalieri.it.  

For more info on Irene (the super soprano), click HERE. For more info on Gigi (the accomplished accompanist), click HERE.

To see more pictures of our Italy tour, check this out (you can double click on it to see it bigger on the screen and also see the photo descriptions):     
See our "Concert Schedule" page for more information (you can get there by clicking here: "Concert Schedule")!
Want us to come and sing at your function? Call Irene at 651-793-0006 to book a  "gig"!  You can also email Irene at momswhocook@gmail.com.
Hope to see you at one of the concerts!!!

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