Mohammad Shokrolah Shirazi

Visiting Assistant Professor,

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Office: FH-320
Office Hours:
Mo, We, 15:30-17:30 

Research Interests

- Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition
- Intelligent Transportation Systems, Intersection Safety Analysis
Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Fault Injection, Fault Tolerant System Design

Fig: Research cloud created from my publications

2017 IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium, Chair: Active and Passive Safety Session

Best IEEE ITSS Award  (2016, Second Prize)

   College of Engineering,
UNLV, Best Dissertation Award  (2016, Second Prize)

Listen to my interview with ITS Podcast  (January 2017)

Read my story in UNLV newsletter (August 2016)



   -B.Sc. Computer Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), 2000- 2005.
    -M.Sc. Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology (SUT), 2005- 2007.
    -Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), 2012- 2016.

Teaching Experience
 Term  Course  University
Fall 2018
 Language Processors (CIS335)  Cleveland State University
Fall 2018  System Programming (CIS340)  Cleveland State University
Fall 2018  Intro to Artificial Intelligence (CIS467)  Cleveland State University
Spring 2018  System Programming (CIS340)  Cleveland State University
Spring 2018  Computer Graphics (CIS 457) Cleveland State University
Spring 2018  Introduction to Computer Security(CIS 475)  Cleveland State University
Fall 2017  Data Structure and Algorithms (CIS265)  Cleveland State University
Fall 2017  System Programming (CIS340)   Cleveland State University
Summer I 2017  Intro to Programming (CIS260)  Cleveland State University
Spring 2017 Computer Graphics (CIS 457) Cleveland State University
Spring 2017 System Programming (CIS 340)  Cleveland State University
Spring 2017 Data Structure and Algorithms (CIS 265)  Cleveland State University
 Fall 2016  Cloud Computing (EEC 693) Cleveland State University
 Fall 2016 Data Structure and Algorithms (CIS 265) Cleveland State University
 Spring 2016 DSP Application: EE 482 (ECG 682) University of Nevada, Las Vegas

 Fall 2012  Operating Systems  University of Applied, Science & Technology (UAST: br 54)
 Fall 2012  Advanced Programming  Parand Islamic Azad University (PIAU)
 Spring 2011  Algorithms & Programming, E Commerce, IT Basics, Database, Data Structure   University of Applied, Science & Technology (br 11), UAST: br 54
 Spring 2011  Assembly Language, Advanced Programming  Parand Islamic Azad University 
 Fall 2010  Data Structure, Algorithms & Programming  University of Applied, Science & Technology (br 11, 54)
 Fall 2010  Technical & Scientific Writing & Speech, Advanced Programming, Data Structure  Parand Islamic Azad University 
 Spring 2010  Web Page Design, Data Structure, Software Engineering, Database  University of Applied, Science & Technology (br 54, 11)
 Spring 2010  Advanced Programming, Data Structure, Software Engineering   Parand Islamic Azad University
 Fall 2009  Advanced Programming, Data Structure, Operating Systems  Parand Islamic Azad University, UAST (br 11)
 Spring 2009  Algorithms & Programming, Operating Systems, Database  University of Applied, Science & Technology (br 11)
 Spring 2009   Advanced Programming, Digital Design, Data Structure, Database    Parand Islamic Azaid University, UAST (br 54)
 Fall 2008    Data Structure, Computer Networks, Operating SystemsDigital Logic Design  Payame Noor University (PNU), PIAU
 Fall 2008  Information Storage & Retrieval, Algorithms & Programming, Data Structure  University of Applied, Science & Technology (br 11)PIAU
 Spring 2008   Data Structure, Algorithms & Programming  University of Applied, Science & Technology (br 54) 
 Fall 2007  Information Storage & Retrieval, Algorithms & Programming  Parand Islamic Azad University

Teaching Assistant:   
Term                     Course                              Title
 Fall 2012  CPE 100  Computer Logic Design
 Fall 2012  EGG 101L  Arduino Microcontroller
 Spring 2013  EGG 101L  Arduino Microcontroller
 Spring 2013  EE 421  Digital Electronics
 Fall 2014  EE 360  Signals & Systems
 Fall 2014 
 EE 480L
 Digital Signal Processing
 Fall 2014  EGG 101L  Arduino Microcontroller

  Research Assistant

    - Vehicle & pedestrian detection using motion and appearance 
    - Vision-based vehicle & pedestrian tracking at intersection 
    - Vision-based safety analysis at intersections
    - Fast FPGA-based edge detection methods
    - Hardware-based fault injection tool for embedded processors

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