Mohamed Saleh


I am a Professor of Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics, University of Toulouse Capitole, Member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, and Research Affiliate at the Economic History Programme at the Centre for Economic Policy Research. My primary fields of interest are Economic History, Political Economy, and Development Economics. My research is focused on the Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa, where I employ novel primary (archival) and secondary (published) data sources to address long-standing questions in the field. I have been interested in two main themes of research: (1) The Economic History of Religion, and in particular how fiscal policy impacted the formation of religious groups and their socioeconomic outcomes in the Middle East and North Africa, via tax-induced conversions, and (2) The Historical Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa, and in particular, the coercion of labor, land inequality, and the evolution of the political institutions.

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