Welcome to the homepage for Metal Oxide DEsign Laboratory (MODEL) led by Seungho Cho. Our research goal is to create unprecedentedly useful metal oxides and related materials such as metal hydroxides in various technological fields by studying in depth crystal growth. Please see the 'Research' page for details.

What is new?

2023.09. Jongkyoung's paper, "Enhancing water oxidation catalysis by controlling metal cation distribution in layered double hydroxides" has been published in Advanced Functional Materials.

2023.05. Jaejung's paper, "High-performance electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water splitting at neutral pH by Ir nanocluster-anchored CoFe layered double hydroxide nanosheets" has been published in Nano Letters.

2023.01. Jaejung's paper, "Silver sulfide nanocrystals as a biocompatible and full-spectrum photocatalyst for efficient light-driven polymerization under  aqueous and ambient conditions" has been published in ACS Catalysis.

2023.01. Wonsik's paper, "Versatile layered hydroxide precursors for generic synthesis of Cu-based materials" has been published in Small Structures.

2022.06. Jaejung's paper, "Selective, stable, bias-free, and efficient solar hydrogen peroxide production on inorganic layered materials" has been selected for the back cover of Advanced Functional Materials.