Welcome to the homepage for Metal Oxide DEsign Laboratory (MODEL) led by Seungho Cho. Our group is interested in METAL OXIDE syntheses and applications. Metal oxides are abundant in nature and exhibit high chemical and thermal stabilities because we are always exposed to oxygen. The feature, HIGH STABILITY, is one of the most important requirements in a wide range of technology areas. In addition, the metal elements are able to form a LARGE DIVERSITY of oxides. Furthermore, properties of oxides can be tailored by controlling their growth. Our research goal is to create unprecedentedly useful metal oxide structures for which we investigate in depth growth of metal oxides that is at the heart of emerging technology. Please see the 'Research' page for details.

What is new?

2021.11.03. Wonsik's study, "Selective phase transformation of layered double hydroxides into mixed metal oxides for catalytic CO oxidation", has been published in Cell Reports Physical Science. We really love this work!