Welcome to the homepage of the Metal Oxide Design Laboratory (MODEL), led by Seungho Cho. Our overarching research goal is to pioneer the development of exceptionally valuable metal oxides and related materials, including metal hydroxides, across diverse technological domains through an in-depth exploration of crystal growth. For more detailed insights, please visit the 'Research' page.

What is new?

2024.04. Wonsik's paper, "Highly efficient layered double hydroxide-derived bimetallic Cu-Co alloy catalysts for reverse water gas shift reaction" has been published in ACS Catalysis.

2024.03. Jongkyoung and Myeung-Jin's paper, "Nanoscale precursor distribution by microfluidization for scalable production of highly efficient thermocatalysts" has been published in Advanced Functional Materials.

2024.01. Jongkyoung's paper, "Enhancing water oxidation catalysis by controlling metal cation distribution in layered double hydroxides" has been published in Advanced Functional Materials.

2023.05. Jaejung's paper, "High-performance electrochemical and photoelectrochemical water splitting at neutral pH by Ir nanocluster-anchored CoFe layered double hydroxide nanosheets" has been published in Nano Letters.