Welcome to the website for the

International Research Workshop on

Modelling and Forecasting Inflation: Recent Approaches

held on 17 December 2012 at the


United Kingdom


It was organised by Alexander Mihailov and Kerry Patterson, University of Reading, and Fabio Rumler, Austrian National Bank, as part of a British Academy Small Research Grant and co-funded by the Money Macro and Finance Research Group: see poster (in pdf).


The invited speakers were:

        Marta Bańbura, European Central Bank

        Michael Clements, University of Warwick

        Eleonora Granziera, Bank of Canada

        George Kapetanios, Queen Mary University London

        Alexander Mihailov, University of Reading

        Fabio Rumler, Austrian National Bank

        Timo Teräsvirta, Aarhus University


The aim of the workshop was to present some recent advances in modelling and forecasting inflation from an empirical as well as theoretical perspective. It sought to focus, among other themes, on understanding, narrowing down, and potentially helping bridge the gap between these alternative approaches: see additional information and programme (in pdf).