rd Annual – Minnesota School-Based OT/PT Institute

Monday October 8th & Tuesday October 9th, 2018

Minneapolis Marriott Northwest - 7025 Northland Drive North, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

DAY 1: Monday, October 8th 2018




Keynote: Why Equity Matters

Sebastian Witherspoon, Ed.D - Equity Services Director – St. Cloud Area Schools


Exhibitor Break


1A. Start with the End in Mind! Prognostication & Backward Planning for Pediatric Therapists

Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA

1B. Therapist Collaboration in Schools

Kimberly Wiggins, OTR/L

1C. Introduction to "Occupational & Physical Therapy in Educational Setting: A Manual for MN Practitioners"

Lois Lillie, OTR/L


Lunch & Exhibitor Break


2A. Train the Brain! Motor Learning Principles to Promote Neuroplasticity in Children and Youth with Disabilities

Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA

2B. Visual Skills and Impact on Learning

Kimberly Wiggins, OTR/L

2C. Introduction to Evacuation Planning for Student with Physical Impairments

Kirsten Morton-Aldous, M.Ed & Barb Flynn McColgan PT, M.Ed & Margaret Knebel OTR/L, M.Ed.


Exhibitor Break


3A. Everything's Measurable! School-based Tests and Measures in 15-minutes or Less

Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA

3B. Using ChromeBooks in Special Education

Kimberly Wiggins, OTR/L


3C. Transportation of Students with Special Needs

Lisa Nippolt & Amy Tiedens, BA

DAY 2: Tuesday, October 9th 2018




4A. PT Evaluation & Intervention for Students with ASD

Bob Barnhart, PT, ScDPT, PCS

4B. Neuronal Group Selection Theory, General Movements & Links to Mental Health

Corri Stuyvenberg, PT, MA, DPT, IMH®-E (II)

4C. Using Yoga as a Therapeutic Intervention for the School Based Physical and Occupational Therapist

Chanda Jothen, PT, DPT & Bethany Carroll, OTR/L

4D. Muscular Dystrophy: Types and Treatment

Molly Stark, DPT



Exhibitor Break


5A. Treating Pediatric Toe Walking – Is it Idiopathic?

Megan Smith, CO & Faye McNerney, PT,DPT,C/NDT

5B. An Overview of Handwriting Screeners and Assessment Tools

Margaret Knebel OTR/L M.Ed

5C. Ethical Decision Making for School-based Occupational and Physical Therapy Professionals

Gwyneth Straker, PT, MS, CEEAA

**REPEAT of 6C**

5D. The Evolving Natural History of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Molly Stark, DPT


Poster Session, Lunch & Exhibitor Break


6A. Orthopedic Surgery in the Treatment of Patients with Cerebral Palsy

Cary Mielke, MD

6B. Family Guided Routines Based Intervention

Stephenie Labandz PT, DPT, Kathryn Kessel, OT & Miriam Castro Sanjuan, OT

6C. Ethical Decision Making for School-based Occupational and Physical Therapy Professionals

Gwyneth Straker, PT, MS, CEEAA

**REPEAT of 5C**

6D. Just Breathe:

Minimizing Postural Deficits Related to Breathing for Children in the School Setting

Julie Christiansen, PTA