Stats+Climate Workshop

The Stats+Climate Workshop is organised by Dr. Rasmus Benestad (, Dr. Michel d. S. Mesquita (Uni Research), Dr. Jana Sillmann (UiO) and Dr. Thordis Thorarinsdottir ( The objectives of the workshop are:

- to learn from the different disciplines on how we can collaborate together for studying climate science
- to create ideas to target proposal calls in Norway next year
- to strengthen the network and collaboration between international and national scientists (e.g.: SARMA, STATSMOS, COST-VALUE, creating networks)
- to find ways in which climate service centres can benefit from collaborating with statisticians (e.g. evaluation, describing and modelling stochastic natural fluctuation, exploring uncertainty such sampling of ensembles, Bayesian methods, trend analysis)
- to discuss how statistical methods used in paleoclimatology, and analysing modern instrumental data, have common aspects that can provide the basis for a larger group working with similar analysis
- to consider how statistics can be used to extract useful information from large volume of climate data and model results. 
- Follow up: to write a white paper to the Norwegian Research Council to propose an agenda for addressing the knowledge gap when it comes to using statistics in climate science

The preliminary program and registration form can be visualised below or downloaded here:

Stats+Climate Workshop Program