I am a senior researcher in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo. Industrial projects in collaboration with Magna on ML-based vehicle autonomy will come soon on my research page.

Academic Background:

Research Interests:

My research concerns the analysis and design of resilient and reliable control systems, with particular emphasis on network control systems. Applications of network control systems are ubiquitous; however, I am specifically working on automotive and intelligent transportation systems.


I am a program committee member at IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Systems (IEEE ICAS 2021).

I presented my works on "Secure networked control systems" at UC-Louvain and Polytechnique Montreal.

New papers on security game on graphs, IEEE-TNSE & SCL.

I taught an online course on "Resilient Networked Control Systems", Southeast University, China.

I organized an "Online Workshop on the Security of Cyber-Physical Systems", KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

I gave a talk at Carleton University on "A control-theoretic approach to the resilience of connected vehicles".

We will be organizing a workshop on the resilience and controllability of large-scale networks in CDC 2019, Nice, France.

I gave a talk at the University of Windsor on "Connected vehicles: challenges and future directions".

Our survey paper in systems and control perspective of CPS security has appeared in Annual Reviews in Control.

Our papers on game-theoretic approaches to the security of networked control systems have been accepted for presentation in ACC 2019 and ECC 2019.

Will give a talk at the 2nd workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Resilience, Montreal.

Will be a visiting researcher at ECE department in the University of Toronto until the end of Feb 2019, hosted by Josh A. Taylor.

Attended a short course on "Traffic Modeling and Control", by Prof. M. Papageorgiou, Chania, Greece, Nov 2018.

Visited Automatic Control Department at Lund University, hosted by Prof. Karl. J. Åström, Oct 2018.

Will attend the 7th IFAC Workshop on Distributed and Control in Networked Systems, Groningen, Netherlands, Aug 2018.

Nominated as a member of the technical committee on smart cities, IEEE Control Systems Society.

I will attend the 8th Biannual Meeting on Systems and Control Theory, University of Toronto, 7-9 May.

I will visit Control Group at Queen's University, hosted by Bahman Gharesifard in 2-3 May.

I will be the co-organizer of an invited session in CDC 2018 on “Resilient Control of Cyber-Physical Systems”, Miami Beach, FL.

I will be the co- organizer of Smart Cities Summer School, at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2-6 July.

Will talk at the 1st Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Resilience, in CPS week,Portugal.

I will join the Department of Automatic Control at KTH as a postdoc in January 2018, working with Prof. Karl. H. Johansson.

Visited Department of Automatic Control at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Defended my Ph.D. on Aug 17th.

56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Melbourn, Dec 2017.

Submitted paper on "Cooperative Vehicle Speed Fault Diagnostics and Correction".

Paper "Distributed Robust Vehicle State Estimation" accepted for presentation in IEEE- IV 2017, CA, USA.

Submitted paper on "System- Theoretic Performance Metrics forLow- Inertia Stability of Power Networks".

Will present "H∞Performance of Mechanical and Power Networks" in IFAC World Congress, France.

Here are some talks which worth listening: