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Dr. Mansfield is an experienced leader and speaker who utilizes current research in retention efforts with over five years of higher educational leadership in FYE, Early College, Millenial and first generation students and instructor professional development. Her publications in student retention, persistence, embedded formative assessment in online learning and computer literacy has made her a unique speaker in professional development workshops, online webinars, and key-note speaking engagements. She is enthusiastic about bringing higher education faculty and students into data-driven practices using a unique combination of differentiated instruction, innovative technology, collaborative learning,  learning style awareness, and educational experiences.

Feedback from Presentations

"Great ideas moving forward in our institution building our own student success"- 2017

"Funny lady. I never thought I would have fun in Professional Development"-2016

"Loved the Family Feud and Bingo Ideas for New Student Orientation. I will be contacting you."-2016

"I never thought using Twitter for homework could be beneficial, but I think she's right...I have to stay current with new students"- 2015

"I'm pleased to have started this relationship. I look forward to creating pathways with our institution"-2012


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Bio/Resume - Curricula Vita, Letters of Recommendation, and pdf files of licensing here.
Current Publications- Research publications, publications under review, and ongoing research projects.
Leadership-  An up to date list of leadership skills and experience
Presentations- Workshops, conferences, and break-out sessions that I have presented on a regional, state-wide, and national level.
Philosophy -    An up to date version of my teaching philosophy and a link to a truly inspiring article about technology in education.
Skill Matrix -  Objectives that I have exceeded in a recent education class as well as implementation within the classroom.
Tools -             Links to websites of technology based tools that I have navigated and/or implemented within the classroom.
Contact Info 
Email:  malindamansfield3@gmail.com
Phone:  (574)386-4019
Blackboard IM ID: mmansfield3
Google Hangout ID: malindamansfield3

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