Masayuki Kudamatsu

Associate Professor

OSIPP, Osaka University


Google Scholar Citations


GIS for Credible Identification Strategies in Economics Research

CESifo Economic Studies, 64(2), pp. 327-338 

June 2018

Political Selection in China: The Complementary Roles of Connections and Performance

with Ruixue Jia and David Seim

Journal of the European Economic Association, 13, pp. 631-668

August 2015

REPLICATION FILES (to be downloaded from the Journal's website)

Has Democratization Reduced Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Micro Data

Journal of the European Economic Association, 10, pp. 1294-1317

December 2012

REPLICATION FILES (to be downloaded from the Journal's website)

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with Timothy Besley

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November 2008


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Working Papers

Observing Economic Growth in Unrecognized States with Nighttime Light 

March 2019 (OSIPP Discussion Paper DP-2019-E-002)

Weather and Infant Mortality in Africa

with Torsten Persson and David Strömberg

Revision requested from American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

August 2016 (formerly CEPR Discussion Paper no. 9222)

Ethic Favoritism: Micro Evidence from Guinea

July 2009


Empirical Research Design for Public Policy School Students: How to Conduct Policy Evaluations with Difference-in-differences Estimation

with Hiro Ishise, Shuhei Kitamura, Tetsuya Matsubayashi, and Takeshi Murooka

February 2019


Why Nations Fail Illustrated

Undergraduate course on the political causes of economic prosperity

Political Economics I

Master / PhD course to introduce political economics

Politics through the Lens of Economics (Introduction to Political Economics)

A course for first-year undergraduate students who do not major in economics

Project Seminar in English

An undergraduate class for students to improve their oral communication skills in English by discussing two books in development economics: Poor Economics and Why Nations Fail.

ArcGIS 10 for Applied Microeconometric Research

I’ve been teaching this course for PhD students at Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics since 2010. It’s been quite popular to the extent that students from Uppsala, Gothenburg and even Oslo attended.

Development Economics for PhD students

I’ve been teaching the 2nd year PhD course on development economics for students enrolled in Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics since 2008, joint with Jakob Svensson, Tessa Bold, Andreas Madestam, and Konrad Burchardi.

Democracy and Autocracy (for Master students)

This is a set of slides for an one-off 90-minute lecture that I gave to the second year master students of economics at Stockholm University on October 27, 2008. Technical details are kept at minimum.

Curated Links for Economists


My blog on datasets for development economics research

Tips 4 Economists

A (massive) collection of pieces of advice for economists in various stages


A collection of useful websites for Stata users.

経済学大学院留学ガイド (in Japanese)

For Japanese students wishing to study PhD in economics in North America and Europe

Visiting Stockholm? 

Here is my own curated list of places not to be missed.