Since 2013, I've been an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University. I was previously a faculty member at Australian National University and received my PhD in Politics from Princeton University in September 2011. I have broad research interests across comparative politics, formal and quantitative methodology, and political economy, with a focus on democratization and autocratic elections. In particular, I'm interested in how coups and competitive elections relate to democratization and the role that autocratic elections play in policy choice.


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    • Won James Caporaso Award for best article published in CPS in 2015.
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    • Won Elinor Ostrom Prize for best article published in JTP in 2013.

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Papers in Physical Sciences

Submitted Papers

  • “The Strategic Origins of Electoral Authoritarianism.” Revise & resubmit, British Journal of Political Science. PDF

  • “Safeguarding Democracy: Powersharing and Democratic Survival,” with Benjamin T. Graham and Kaare Strøm. Revise & resubmit, American Political Science Review.

  • “Restraining the Huddled Masses: Migration Policy and Autocratic Survival,” with Margaret E. Peters. Revise & resubmit, British Journal of Political Science. PDF

  • “The Uses and Abuses of Matching in Political Science.” Under review. PDF

Current Projects

  • Book project: Shock to the System: Elite Violence, Elections, and War on the Road to Democratization, 1800-2010

  • “Elections and Elite Violence on the Road to Democratization, 1800-2010.PDF

  • “Coups and Democratization in the Shadow of Popular Revolt.

  • “Don't Call It a Comeback: Autocratic Ruling Parties after Democratization.

  • “Emigration and Political Contestation,” with Margaret E. Peters.

  • “Social Mobility and Democratic Attitudes,” with Christian Houle.

  • “Prospect Theory, Moral Psychology, and Political Theory.”

Other Work

  • “Causal Models of Democratization,” with Carles Boix. Forthcoming in Sage Handbook of Political Sociology.

  • Public Opinion and Democracy in Transitional Regimes: A Comparative Perspective, edited with Juliet Pietsch and Jeffrey Karp. 2016. Routledge. Link

  • “The Surprising Benefits of Autocratic Elections.” 2015. The Monkey Cage, Washington Post. Link

  • “Freedom's March,” with Carles Boix and Susan Stokes. 2013. Foreign Policy. Link

  • “Violent Leader Removal and Democratization.” 2011. The Monkey Cage, Washington Post. Link