Mississippi Foreign Language Association

2016-2018 MSFLA Executive Board
From left:Elizabeth, Laura, Sulemi, Elaine, Bradley, Limeul, Lori, Edgar, Michael, 
Felice, Vanessa, Javier, Janet    


The 2016-2018 Mississippi Foreign Language Association Officers and Board

We are here to serve you to make the MFLA better!

Edgar Serrano
 Vice-President of
     Lori LeVar Pierce
 Vice-President of Membership
Laura Hall

Janet Bunch
 Executive Director
Elizabeth Harrison
 President AATF
Daniel E. O'Sullivan
 President AATG
Dylan Goldblatt
 President AATSP/Historian
Vanessa Mix

 Elementary & Secondary President
Bradley Freeny
College & University President
Michael Raines
 Classics Representative
Joshua Rogers

 ESL Representative
Vee Govan

 Less Commonly Taught Languages Representative
Margaret Mary Henry

Mississippi Department of Education World Languages 
Limeul Eubanks
MFLA Crusader Editor
Felice Coles

 Social Media Administrator


MFLA Regional Workshops                                

2018 MFLA Regional Conferences

Friday, July 13, 2018

MFLA supports and participates in regional workshops in order to increase the awareness of resources available through MFLA and to provide accessible professional development for foreign language educators in cooperation with local educational institutions.

The 2018 MFLA Conference

MFLA 2018 Conference:The University of Southern Mississippi

Join us at Southern Miss in Hattiesburg, MS on October 12-13 for the 2018 MFLA Conference. For hotel information, please click here: Hotel Indigo Hattiesburg

We need your help in creating a list of MATL graduates from the last 25 years. So, if you're a MATL alumni from The University of Southern Mississippi's Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, please share with us some of the following information using #MATL25 and tweeting it @ms_fla or posting it to our Facebook:
1) name;
2) MATL year;
3) where you are now;
4) what you are teaching (if you're teaching);
5) something interesting/fun (career or personal) that has happened since leaving Southern Miss. 

We hope to connect with all MATLers! 

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