2017 -2018 Admissions

Cut - Off Dates

         K4     September 1st, 2013   4 years             
        K5     September 1st, 2012    5 years             
1st Grade     September 1st, 2011    6 years             
2nd Grade    September 1st, 2010    7 years             

Terms and Conditions
  • Applicants for First Grade through HSAP must take math and language arts diagnostic tests upon applying.
  • Applicants for Second Grade and above in need of ESL instruction cannot be accommodated.
  •  All accepted applicants will be placed on disciplinary probation for their first eight weeks of school.
  • IAC reserves the right to reject applications and is under no obligation to disclose the reason(s) for its decision.

Required Documents
  • Copy of Birth Certificate 
  • Copy of Social Security Card 
  • Copy of Passport or Green Card (for non U.S. citizens)
Tuition and Fees

Application Fee: $50.00
Tuition: $5,500.00 per student
Uniform: $30.00 per polo shirt
Book Fee: $200.00 per student