Board Members

MinnSUG Board Election

Election process

The business of MinnSUG is accomplished by the board via conference calls and email. An election is held once a year at the SAS Institute, Inc. sponsored meeting, hereafter referred to as the annual meeting. We will vote electronically via a Survey Monkey link, with a paper ballot backup. Voting members are persons attending our annual meeting.

Commitment for serving on MinnSUG board

Nominees for MinnSUG board should have approval of their employer. While the time commitment is not large, the monthly board conference calls and the annual meeting do occur during normal business hours. Timely responses to emails is also expected, but certain tasks may be completed at other times. MinnSUG members nominating someone else should obtain their nominee’s approval before doing so.

Getting on the MinnSUG Ballot

The ballot may consist of invited persons (nominating committee) or other nominations. Nominees can self-nominate or be nominated by another qualifying member, by sending an email to by at least one day prior to the voting at the annual meeting. The nomination email should include:

1) person’s name,

2) a short bio,

3) why the person wants to run, and what they love about SAS.

The MinnSUG board shall approve the final ballot and provide a brief spot on the meeting agenda for the candidates to address the attendees and voting members. Board approved nominees may also have their nomination posted to the MinnSUG website.