Board Members


Current MinnSUG Board Members

Chad Stegeman – on board until August 2020.


I currently work at Optum, leading a team that creates self-service applications and data visualizations using SAS.  My team mainly serves the Payment Integrity teams that review claims to assure proper payments.  I originally learned SAS while pursuing my Master’s in Public Health degree at Emory University in Atlanta.  Since then, I have loved making data and analytics accessible to non-technical users.  Using Base SAS in conjunction with other technologies to create data visualizations, I enjoy providing data-based insights to business users.


I love programming in SAS and teaching others how to become better programmers.

Arlen Harmoning – on board until August 2020.


I currently work for Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) for statewide payroll services. I create and maintain exception type reports and data requests using PC SAS against an Oracle database. I previously worked for North Dakota Game and Fish where I also used SAS for analysis of game and fish survey data, hunter/angler participation and expenditures and inventory of lands, fishing waters and facilities (i.e. boat ramps, walk-in hunting areas, etc.) I also developed and maintained an employee vehicle use, expense reporting and time tracking collection system that used SAS AF to integrate with the agency strategic plan and the State accounting system. I’ve used SAS in many different platforms (i.e. mainframe, Unix, PC, BI Server, EG) in the last 42+ years.


I love working with SAS and want to be on the MinnSUG board to help others know and enjoy it too.

William Kane – on board until August 2021.

I currently work at US Bank and lead a data analytics team.  I started using SAS at Ameriprise Financial in 2011 where I helped create a department within internal audit that provided data analytics support.  I’ve used a multitude of tools through my experience in data analytics and have found SAS to be the one that most consistently delivers the analysis that I need.


I’ve enjoyed attending local, regional, and national SAS events in the past and am excited to help others realize the benefits of SAS through my capacity as President and SAS Liaison.

Soma Ghosh – on board until August 2021. 


Soma Ghosh has been using SAS for over 12 years. Soma began her career with Shands Hospital at Gainesville, FL. She use SAS extensively with various domains. Apart from SAS she is also experienced with R Programming.

She feels very comfortable using any statistical functions with SAS, including model building with SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner. 

With her current role of being Associate Director - Reporting and Analytics with UnitedHealth Care, she is using SAS for various projects. Soma is actively involved in attending, presenting and planning SAS conferences.

Vicki Siemers – on board until August 2022.


I have been programming in SAS for 25 years in a variety of industries (financial, education, direct marketing, media) and on a variety of platforms (SAS EG, Base SAS on a PC, UNIX, mainframe).  I have used SAS for sample selection, reporting, data quality, and analysis.  I currently work at US Bank on the Database Marketing team, where I use SAS for list creations/sample selection for the many types of customer contact (offers, notifications, account management, surveys) that US Bank does.  I can’t imagine a job where I don’t use SAS.


I have attended the MinnSUG meetings (and its predecessors) for many years.  I find MinnSUG to be a terrific opportunity to gain new knowledge and exposure to new ideas.  It’s also a great way to network with fellow SAS users and learn how other companies are using SAS.  I would love to be a part of the MinnSUG Board and help develop and expand the SAS community here in the Twin Cities.  I love programming (I’m a very detail-oriented person and I love the logic involved in programming) and SAS just seems to fit with me.  I think it’s one of the most diverse software platforms available and one of the most intuitive to learn.  I always call myself a SAS junkie – I go into withdrawals when I’m not using SAS.

Mitch Monson – on board until August 2022.


I have been programming with SAS in the retail and financial industries for the last 8 years. This experience has come from a handful of roles focused in Business Intelligence and Database Marketing & Analytics. I currently work at US Bank as a Database Marketing Officer where I utilize SAS for automating and streamlining processes, customer contact, list creation, and customer research. Most of my technical experience comes from programming with SAS and SQL as well as some R.


I think MinnSUG has a great impact on the local SAS community. The conversations and connections made at these events are invaluable. The presentations are a great way to not only showcase what SAS has to offer, but it is a great platform for idea generation and knowledge sharing. The value from seeing how different industries utilize SAS to overcome and tackle problems is great for any experience level of SAS users. For these reasons, I would like to be a part of the MinnSUG board to help expand its reach and impact on the Twin Cities area. I would like to see the showcase of SAS as a solution to business problems broaden. Sharing these use cases is a great way to encourage SAS users to expand their knowledge and skillset.

MinnSUG Board Election
Election process
The business of MinnSUG is accomplished by the board via conference calls and email. An election is held once a year at the SAS Institute, Inc. sponsored meeting, hereafter referred to as the annual meeting. We will vote electronically via a Survey Monkey link, with a paper ballot backup. Voting members are persons attending our annual meeting.

Commitment for serving on MinnSUG board
Nominees for MinnSUG board should have approval of their employer. While the time commitment is not large, the monthly board conference calls and the annual meeting do occur during normal business hours. Timely responses to emails is also expected, but certain tasks may be completed at other times. MinnSUG members nominating someone else should obtain their nominee’s approval before doing so.

Getting on the MinnSUG Ballot
The ballot may consist of invited persons (nominating committee) or other nominations. Nominees can self-nominate or be nominated by another qualifying member, by sending an email to by at least one day prior to the voting at the annual meeting. The nomination email should include:
1) person’s name, 
2) a short bio,
3) why the person wants to run, and what they love about SAS. 
The MinnSUG board shall approve the final ballot and provide a brief spot on the meeting agenda for the candidates to address the attendees and voting members. Board approved nominees may also have their nomination posted to the MinnSUG website. 
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