Upcoming Meetings

Our next meeting will be 23JUL2019 at St Thomas.  Use this link to register: https://www.sas.com/en_us/events/users-groups/19q2/minnesota.html

At this meeting we will provide space for participants to display digital and analog posters in the hall.  If you are interested in presenting a poster, please contact minnesotasasug@gmail.com.

We will also hold an election, see Board Members page for candidate bios.

All times are approximate and could vary by plus or minus 15 minutes.

8:30a - Shannon Moore - SAS - Around the World With PROC GEOCODE 
Geocoding is the process of adding geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude values) to an address. After geocoding, the coordinates can be used to display a point on a map or to calculate distances. Geocoding also enables you to add attribute values such as census blocks to an address. This presentation with cover the various geocoding methods, Proc Geocode syntax and the associate data sources.

9:25a - Vicki Siemers - US Bank - SAS Enterprise Guide:  Friend?  Or Foe?
Coming from a programming/Base SAS background, I found SAS Enterprise Guide to be a nightmare when I was first introduced to it.  Now I think it’s one of the greatest tools a SAS programmer can use.  It’s not all about point-and-click.  SAS Enterprise Guide has many features that make it a friend to coders/programmers.  This talk will point out some of the tips/tricks/features that programmers/coders can use for organizing, prompting, debugging, and much more.

10:25a - Melodie Rush - SAS - Handling Missing Data in SAS® 
What do you do when you have missing values in your data? In SAS we have many ways to manage missing values. In this session we cover what are missing values, why and when missing values occur and how to manage missing values. We discuss functions, procedures and how different products deal with missing values.

11:20a - Eric Barnitt - Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN - Automating Validation for Non-SAS Users using Prompts
It is often the case that validation is a performed in a haphazard and inconsistent fashion. Ideally, the process should be automated and consistent. This presentation provides an overview and examples of using prompts in SAS Enterprise Guide to automate the process of data validation. Topics include how to create and apply prompts to SAS projects, how to use those prompts to dynamically select different validation criteria, and how to set up the process to be run by non-SAS users.

1:10p - Shannon Moore - SAS - Gaining Efficiencies in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 
Uncertain how to gain more efficiencies from Enterprise Guide or how to structure your projects? This meeting covers the key points of this blog:
• Factors to consider when designing Enterprise Guide projects
• Ordering and arranging your work
• Techniques for reducing data volumes and minimizing network traffic

2:10p Melodie Rush - SAS - PROC SQL vs. DATA Step Programming 
Everyone wants to know: Should I use the DATA step or PROC SQL to join this data? Take a behind the scenes look at how the DATA step and SQL procedure process data by comparing all types of joins (inner, left/right, outer) with multiple types of data (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many).

Interested in speaking at an upcoming meeting?
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Due to difficulties finding speakers, we will now be focusing on the Summer meeting hosted by SAS.  Additional meetings will be planned if we have enough speakers.  
Free parking is available at the Anderson Parking Facility.  Directions are shown to the Anderson Student Center.  To get the desired route and location, I needed to adjust the end point but it is accurate.