Circleville Raceway Park

Autocross (also called "Solo", "Auto-x" or "Autoslalom") is a timed competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a defined course on either a sealed or an unsealed surface. It is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe competition and active participation.
 19413 U.S. Route 23
 Circleville, Ohio 43116

as you drive on SR 23, you will see the Raceway on the east side of the road.  Turn into the lot at the dealership and drive straight around the backside of the dealership.  Do not turn into the parking lot of the dealership. 
 Thursday June 29 - 8:30am  -   3pm
8:30am, Registration at Track,
9:30am, Technical inspection
10:15am, first car off

19413 US-23

 Autocross General Rules
1.    Each competitor must have a valid driver's license and be registered as an official entrant
2.    Seat belts are required. DOT / Snell approved helmets are mandatory. Loaner helmets may be available but limited.
3.    Each Mini must pass a technical / safety inspection. Please remove all loose items from inside and from the boot.  The battery must be secured.
4.    No Mini will be allowed to run in more then one class. Competition class is to be determined by the entrant at the time of registration using the specification chart.                    Classification will be verified at technical / safety inspection.
5.    The course will be available for walking - strongly advised - there will be no practice laps permitted.
6.    The course will be marked using pylons.  There will be a two second penalty for each displaced pylon. A missed gate will constitute a DNF (did not finish).
7.    Final standing in each class will be determined by the entrants lowest single lap time.
8.    Minis will run in heats by class. Three runs are planned.
9.    No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by the drivers, spectators, or workers during the autocross anywhere on the premises.
10.   The Autocross Chairman is the final authority for the resolution of all disputes.

 Category    Criteria Points Category
 Criteria Points
 Engine : 
 850cc Block     
 977cc or 998cc
 1098cc Block
 all "S" and 1275cc Block
 larger than 1300cc
 7 or 8 Port Head
 Non-A series - 1 point per 100cc's of Displacement

 Tires : 
 10" cross ply Tires
 145 x 10" Tires
 165 x 10" Tires
 10" Yoko A008
 10" Yoko A032
 12" Tires
 13" Tires
 Racing Tires
 Induction : 
 One 1-1/4" SU carb
 One 1-1/2" SU carb
 One 1-3/4" SU carb
 Downdraft type carb
 Two 1-1/4" SU carb
 Two 1-1/2" SU carb
 Two 1-3/4" SU carb
 Weber carb
 Split Weber carbs
 NOS Turbo or Forced
 Single point Fuel Injection
 Dual point Fuel Injection
 Aftermarket Fuel Injection

 Wheels : 
 3-1/2 Wide Rims
 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 wide rims
 6" wide rims
 6-1/2 or wider rims
 Exhaust : 
 Cast Iron
 3 into 1
 LBC Manifold
 Body : 
 Long wheel Base
 Brakes : 
 Single Leading
 Double Leading
 7" Disk (Cooper)
 7 1/2 Disk ( Cooper S)
 8.4" Disk (Late Model)
 other Disk
 Classic Mini :
Class A 
 Class B
 Class C
 Class D
 Class E
 Class F

 23 to 32
 17 to 22
 12 to 16
 6 to 11
 0 to 5
 Suspension :

 Negative Camber Arms
 Dry Suspension
 Adjustable Shocks
 Coil Over Shocks
 Anti-sway bar

 New Mini : (points system does not apply)
 Class G
 class H
 Class I
 Class J
Classic Mini & New Mini
Class K
 cooper stock
 cooper s stock
 cooper altered
 cooper s altered & JCW