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KindMind is a customizable mindfulness and self-compassion app which brings awareness to painful feelings and the unmet needs causing these feelings. KindMind can be customized to suggest kind actions that can be taken after the feelings and need have been identified, and these actions can optionally be connected to various media. The app contains a sorting algorithm which puts the most relevant list items highest, taking into account relationships between list items that the user has chosen together so that the sorting improves over time as the app is used


Learning about mindfulness, NVC, and self-compassion can help you get more from this app

Navigation in the app

A 5-minute youtube playlist demonstrates how the app can be navigated. Below are text descriptions as an alternative to the videos

Adding a new item

At the bottom of each list there is a button which can be used for adding new list items. Creating a new item will show the setup view for the new item. Any changes made are automatically saved as soon as they are made.

Editing an item

Long-pressing on a list item brings up the setup view (the same setup view as we see when adding a new item). The options available depends on which of the three lists (feelings, needs, kindness) that the item belongs to. For feelings we can change the name. For needs we can also set a daily reminder/notification.

Adding actions to a kindness list item

For kindness we have the added option of associating the list item with one or more actions, which can be an image/audio/video file, a bookmark, or a contact from the contacts list. When the user presses one of these items the associated action will be launched. If multiple actions are added for a single item one of them is chosen at random. Ideas for kindness items can be found here

Saving a pattern

After selecting list items from one or more of the lists, this pattern of items can be saved using the large check mark icon in the top right corner. This pattern will then be used in the future for guessing your state of mind, making relevant items more likely to appear at the top of each of the three lists


A home screen widget is available which can show any of the three lists. If an item is clicked KindMind will be launched and the item clicked will be checked. If the list shown is the kindness list and the item clicked has an action, the action will be launched as well. The widget can be resized

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