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Milbridge Tabletop Gamers

Every Saturday, we invite all community members (8+ years old please) to join a wonderful community of face to face social gamers. We have hundreds of games that get people cooperating, competing and having a great time in ways many have not experienced. 
Our group represents our community with languages, genders, and backgrounds that are so diverse that any new gamer joining us can relate to players we already have playing. Great family fun and it is all FREE at the Milbridge Public Library from 11am until 3pm most Saturdays. Check out the library Facebook page for announcements each week to see if the group is meeting. 
Introduction to the Games

People may not be familiar with our games so the following links will introduce you to each game
Marvel Legendary
Puerto Rico
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Settlers of Catan
Terra Mystica

News and Events
Special thanks to Laura and Malachi Thomas for creating our wonderful new logo.
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