about me

I am interested in the ways music and language overlap in the human cognitive system. More particularly, I study:

(1) how the Gestalt principles of perception structure musical and linguistic patterns

(2) what the conceptualization of music can tell us about the human conceptual system in general

(3) which neurological resources might be shared by music and language

(4) what is the likelihood that some parts of the human linguistic and musical capacities have developed along the same evolutionary line

(5) how meaning emerges in music and how this relates to musical creativity

In the language science proper, I am interested in how various theories (Conceptual Metaphor Theory, Blending Theory, Conceptual Semantics, among others) could be brought closer together in the future, especially in terms of the problem of polysemy within the domain of lexical semantics.

I am also a part time musician and an amateur composer with 6 years of formal music education.

I like reading, active listening to music and long theoretical discussions. It turns out I travel more than I think and I definitely tend to overuse the Internet.

Perhaps surprisingly, given my background, I don't totally believe in the explanatory power of science.

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