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Hello, thank you for visiting.

From the point of view of my work, I define myself as an Interdisciplinary Researcher and a Strategic Research Manager.

I have a PhD in Physics and also a PhD in Philosophy. The goal of my work is to understand complex behavior from a conceptual/fundamental point of view.

I focus mainly on systems that are not amenable to study using traditional reductionist methods. In such systems, the reductionist approach classifies the anomalies as noise or accidents. But, sometimes, these anomalies are very important ingredients for the apparition of new features.

I am developing a research program that focuses on interdisciplinary research applied to public policy, emerging phenomena, stochastic and nonlinear dynamics applied to the appearance of innovations in diversified (social/biological) environments.

I studied at Instituto Balseiro (Argentinian Patagonia), one of the most prestigious educational/research center in Latin America. Also, I worked/studied at Universite Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI, the Institut Non Lineaire de Nice (cote d'azur, France), the Center for Non Linear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico's high desert, USA), the Santa Fe Institute (where I am an External Professor, USA), Riken (Tokio, Japan), among others.

Personally, I am passionate about nature. I like to observe it, and learn from it, hopefully, in its most pristine state.

You can reach me at:

Santa Fe Institute's Web Page