Miguel Fuentes

Miguel’s academic and professional experience spans various prestigious institutions, including Pierre et Marie Curie University in France, Institut Non-Lineaire de Nice in France, and the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA. He is an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute (USA), a world-renowned center of excellence in Complex Systems, Data Analytics, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Miguel’s research encompasses interdisciplinary approaches to international studies, data analytics, and modeling. He leads and manages interdisciplinary research groups, applying: data processing, analytics, modeling, statistical analysis, complex systems, and AI tools. His research includes a wide range of topics, such as international systems, public policies, social crises, and more.

In addition, Miguel’s research delves into the epistemological study of complex systems and the philosophy of innovations. He analyzes their role in developing complex socio-technological systems through data analytics.

Written Work

Associate Director Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School


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e-mail: fuentesm@santafe.edu