Back to the Future Show 2017

Fiero met Deloreon on a rainy day in Tuckerton NJ at Fiero Jon’s shop. This was a great and interesting experience. Imagine multiple cars on one side all the same color and bright and colorful cars on the other side. It was quite a sight to see on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Throughout the day, a variety of tech sessions were hosted for both cars. Fiero Jon provided tech inspections for Fieros which was a neat service for our Fiero owners. Those who participated picked up lots of information about adjustments that needed to be made to make cars safer and more enjoyable. The DeLoreans had sessions sponsored by DeLorean MidAtlantic on door adjustments and a super interesting session on dent removal from their aluminum bodies.

Both clubs voted on their respective favorites of the other vehicle and Fiero Jon and his friends, Anthony Saccomagno and Anthony Saccomagno Jr. made amazing trophies out of used parts – something that was certainly unique. The award for Best Stock Fiero went to Peter Bransky and his gorgeous red 84 coupe. The award for Best Custom/Modified Fiero went to Keith Gerhard and his orange 86GT that is set-up for SCCA Racing. For the DeLoreans, Tom Neiland won the Best DeLorean and Scott Tice won a special DeLorean award selected by Anthony Saccomagno Jr that is now called the Ryan West Award after a young DeLorean fan who passed away two days prior from cancer.


Everyone we met was very nice and willing to talk about anything, not just Deloreans or Fieros. This was our first car specific show and our first show after joining the club. It was nice to meet people with the same passion for a unique car. We are looking forward to the Carlisle show in June!

Thanks to Wes Shiring & Tami George for this article! For more photos, please CLICK HERE