Classifying Your Car

Below is a list of items considered to be MINOR, MEDIUM and MAJOR Modifications. This list is subject to change. Final decisions on all classing will be at the discretion of the show committee. Every effort is made to keep these classing guidelines in line with the standards at the National Fiero Shows per Fred Bartlemeyer. As a general rule of thumb, most shows will contain the following criteria for classes:

All classes - Unlimited maintenance changes (see below)

Factory Stock - for cars that are as original as possible. Same qualifications as stock; however, points will be deducted for non-maintenance changes (i.e. adding an aftermarket radio) and maintenance changes that are not OEM (i.e. polyurethane instead of rubber bushings). Paint may also be taken into consideration, as original paint is preferred over repainted cars.

Stock - 3 or fewer minor changes. No medium or major changes

Custom - Unlimited minor changes or medium changes. No major changes

Modified - Unlimited medium and minor changes. Anything that contains a major change.

Minor Changes:

Seat covers (e.g. Mr. Mikes)


door tabs (e.g. ORIEF)

fancy dogbone (e.g. red)

fancy color plug wires (e.g. blue)

fancy wirelooms

Holly side scoop

gauge color faces

steering wheels

trim overlays (e.g. carbon fiber)

shift knobs

seat belt shoulder pads

non-stock sized tires

short shifter

cup holders

ash tray switches

smoothing of stock castings

EGR delete

throttle body coolant lines delete

strut tower caps

EGR caps

painted stock calipers

Medium Changes:

non-stock body paint color

body side scoops

front lower air dam


non-stock appearing carpet or upholstery

digital gauges

carpeted front compartment

front mounted battery

non-stock speaker locations or sizes

drop spindles

brake caliper or rotor upgrades


gated shifter

lowering springs

climate control conversions

dash conversions (e.g. PISA or Firebird)

flush headlights

Major Changes:

Engine conversions

turbos and superchargers

tubular control arms

airbag suspensions

355 nose

lambo/scissor doors

Norms front end

Rebody Kits (Ferrari, Lambo, Alpino etc)

Maintenance Changes:

urethane bushings

black super dogbone

stock sized tires

stock sized speakers in stock locations

red or black plug wires

black wire loom

K&N air filter

* OEM valued higher for FS