Fieros at Carlisle 2017

This year's Fieros at Carlisle saw 60 cars descend on the Carlisle Fairgrounds for Chevrolet Nationals (open to all GM makes). Full coverage of the show will be in our September edition of the FieroPride; however, you can view the event photo album here. (If you have photos, you would like to share, please e-mail Jennifer.)

Additionally, congrats to all of our winners below!

Class Winners:

                Factory Stock

1st:  Jeff DeDay, Medium Red Metallic ’88 GT

2nd:  Joe Aponick, Medium Red Metallic ’88 GT

3rd:  Tina Weaver, White ’84 SE

Stock Notchback

1st:  Kevin Berkheimer, White ’85 SE

2nd:  Peter Hirschberg, Yellow ’88 Formula

3rd:  Christopher Crego, Silver ’86 SE

Stock Fastback

1st:  Tom Derr, Medium Red Metallic ’86 GT

2nd:  Perry Laudig, Silver ’87 GT

3rd:  Andy Stupka, Black ‘87 GT


Custom Notchback

1st:  Dennis Earvase, Orange ’86 SE

2nd:  Alan Ferris, Black Cherry ’85 GT

3rd:  Timothy Martz, Black ’88 Formula


Custom Fastback 

1st:  Tom Harding, Midnight Blue ’86 GT

2nd:  Brad Wilbur, Synergy Green ’87 GT

3rd:  Greg Noplos, Burnt Orange ’87 GT


Modified Notchback 

1st:  Corey Leppo, Red ’85 GT 3800SC

2nd:  Jennifer Goss, White ’84 Indy SD4

3rd:  Wes Shiring, Gold ’86 SE Convertible


Modified Fastback

1st:  Adam Powell, Dark Green ’87 GT 3400

2nd:  Thomas Kershner Jr., Bronze  Orange ’86 GT 3800SC

3rd:  Don Pruel, Red ’88 GT w/suspension modifications



1st:  Tony Quattrone, black ’88 308 Ferrari

2nd:  Steve Pishock, Red ’86 308 Ferrari

3rd:  Gary Cohen, White ’88 Mera


Daily Driver

1st:  Nate Williams, Yellow ’88 GT

2nd:  Ron Yeager, Blue ’85 GT

3rd:  John Sanders,  White ’86 GT


Charlisle Celebrity Pick Awards:

      Jennifer Goss, White ’84 Indy, by Tom Derr /MAFOA

      Dennis Earvase, Orange ’86 SE, by Tom Harding /Mason Dixon Fiero Club

      Jeff Donnelly, Gold ’87 GT, by Robb Leppo /Mason Dixon Fiero Club

      Thomas Kershner Jr., Bronze Orange ’86 GT, by Brad Wilbur /East Coast Fiero

      Timothy Martz, Black ’88 Formula, by Jennifer Goss/MAFOA


Special Awards:

Best Custom Interior: Nate Williams, Yellow ’88 GT

Best Engine Bay:  Thomas Kershner Jr., Bronze Orange ’86 GT 3800SC

       Best Stock Paint:  Andy Stupka, Black ‘87 GT

Best Custom Paint:  Alan Ferris, Black Cherry ’85 GT

Best Body (Custom):  Wes Shering, Gold ’86 SE Convertible

Best Body (Modified):  Corey Leppo, Red ’85 GT

       Best Engineered:  Corey Leppo, Red ’85 GT

Best Wheels:  Tom Harding, Midnight Blue ’86 GT

Best Sound System:  Corey Leppo, Red ’85 GT

Lowest Mileage:  Peter Hirschberg, Yellow ’88 Formula, 13,618 miles

Longest Distance:  Douglas Robertson, Rockhill, South Carolina, 481 miles traveled

Hard Luck:  Luke & Janusz Hanus, White ’87 GT (Dead alternator, Exploded fuel Rail)


Best of Show:

Corey Leppo, Red ’85 GT


A Big Thanks to Our 2017 Fieros at Carlisle Sponsors

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