Fieros at Carlisle 2016

The pre-registration period is officially closed.
You are still encouraged to register in advance; however, please go HERE to register. Please check the classing guidelines to the left before registering.
BE SURE TO SELECT "MAFOA" as your club regardless of current membership status as this helps us plan ahead for the day of the show with Carlisle Productions. Thanks!


Fieros at Carlisle hosted by MAFOA is the one Fiero show that you do not want to miss. This show within a show is a part of the larger All GM Nationals Show at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, June 17-19 this year. The main Fiero event is planned for Saturday, June 18. This should be a special day for Fiero owners from all over. In order to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun, please click on the link above to register.  Your entry and entry for your passenger are $44 for the entire weekend. Additionally, the first 30 pre-registered Fieros that registered through MAFOA (regardless of membership status) received a free t-shirt, generously sponsored by the FieroStore

Fieros at Carlisle 2016 will include a total of 8 classes: Stock Notchback & Fastback, Custom Notchback & Fastback, Modified Notchback & Fastback, Factory Stock & Daily Driver. MAFOA will also host special trophies that Fieros on our showfield will be eligible to win.  A great array of raffle items will also be available - as well as a "live" auction in conjunction with the MAFOA Special Awards ceremony.

The All GM Nationals is home to a diverse group of General Motors vehicle. This year at the show will celebrate 50 years of the Olds Toronado, which in 1966, was the first US-based front-wheel drive automobile since the 1937 Cord. These vehicles are not commonly seen at car shows.  There will be an entire display created to commemorate this milestone in automotive design, which will cover all the years of the Toronado.

Will our club be the largest one at the show? The completion at Carlisle is not just between the cars, but also between the clubs to see who is the

largest. We need your help to have MAFOA be the biggest club there this time. Please register today. 

Instructional and informational sessions will also be featured at the All GM Nationals show.  You can tune up your automotive knowledge with free seminars including information for both the seasoned veteran and rookie do-it-yourselfer. Topics include performance, restoration and maintenance. Seminars are conducted by some of the biggest names in the business and they are FREE! A special tech session will also be hosted in the MAFOA showfield so don’t miss out.

The 2016 GM Nationals will be celebrating the awesome car known as the Hurst/Olds   and is bringing in Dennis Kirban, one of the hobby’s most knowledgeable Hurst historians who will be holding free seminars. Come and hear his knowledge of Hurst products, he will also explain the important differences between GM’s VIN data door jamb stickers used in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Carlisle events info Jun 17-19, 2016
Adult Admission: Daily Fri.- Sat. $10 / Sun $7 / Event Pass $15

Gate Times: Thu.-Sat. 7am-6pm , Sun. 7am-3pm

Find out more about the All GM Nationals at:

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