Fiero Dutch Classic 2018

A Beautiful Day in Neffsville!
Stay tuned for more, but in the meantime - some results! Check out photos here and add yours!

Stock Fastback
1. James Mattes, Red 86GT
2. Tom Derr, MRM 86GT
3. Dave Steinmetz, Red 88GT

Stock Notchback
1. Pete Bransky, Red 84SE
2. Tina Weaver, White 85SE
3. Kathy Jack, Red 88 Formula

Custom/Modified Notchback
1. Charlie Witherspoon, Red 86SE
2. Wes Shiring, Gold 87SE Convertible
3. Gene Weaver, Blue 86SE

Custom/Modified FastbackĀ 
1. Mark Hoagland, Yellow 86GT
2. Dennis LaGrua, Black 87GT
3. Derek DiPietro, Red 86GT

Daily DriverĀ 
1. Joe Aponick, MRM 88 Formula
2. Dayton Shirey, Blue 85GT
3. Mike Grabenstein, White 87GT

Best of Show: Gene Weaver, Blue 86SE