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In the Fall of 1983 the American public was introduced to the new Pontiac Fiero.  At the time not only was the economy stagnant, the American automobiles were too.  They were downsized to give better gas mileage (and didn't really), they rusted easily and were of poor quality and performance, and were just generally uninspiring.  Pontiac changed all of that on September 22, 1983 when it introduced the Fiero under its "We Build Excitement" advertising campaign.  Pontiac touted,"Fiero - America's first mid-engined production car", "Another legend in the making", "Bursts on the scene to rave reviews", "Innovation at work", "Excitement ahead - it's hot, it's here, it's Fiero".  Indeed Fiero turned the automotive world and public on its ear with the first mid-engine American production car with an innovative space-frame design covered by unstressed enduroflex panels.

The Mid-Atlantic Fiero Owners Association (MAFOA) is dedicated to promoting the excitement that is the Pontiac Fiero. Our club was formed in 1994 by a group of Fiero enthusiast who loved to drive, show, maintain, modify and preserve their Fieros.  Through the years, club activities have included show, rallies, tours, parades, salvage yard excursions, regional and national Fiero events, picnics, swap meets, tech days ,etc.

MAFOA is about the Pontiac Fiero and the Fiero Community.  Our benefits include technical assistance, assisting in locating new and used parts…and service providers.  We are a source and network for Fiero historical information and collectibles.  We conduct several major events a year and publish a newsletter.  But mostly, we just love to get together to show off our cars, exchange Fiero stories and ideas talk tech, and ...enjoy each other's company.
Keep 'em on the road,

Tom Derr
President, Mid Atlantic Fiero Owners Association
Charter Member
Initial and Continuous Board Member Fiero Enthusiast

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