Hike With Us

The MAHC welcomes new hikers anytime. The club hikes on almost every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Typically, the Saturday hikes are longer and more difficult than the Sunday hikes. You can view and download the hike schedule (as a PDF file) by clicking here. Please pay close attention to the hike rating before you show up for a hike. If you have any questions regarding the difficulty of a hike, please contact the hike leader. Phone numbers are area code 423 unless otherwise indicated. When available, e-mail addresses are given also. You will be asked to sign-in before each hike to help the hike leader keep track of the hike participants and to release the Club and its members from any liability associated with hiking and other Club activities.

We generally form carpools to save gas and to conserve parking space at the trailhead, which is often limited. The round trip hiking mileage is given in the schedule. Driving distance, however, is one way. Carpool passengers are expected to help with the cost of gas. The suggested amount is $0.07/mile. For example, if the round trip driving distance is 100 miles, each passenger would give about $7 to the driver. Alternatively, riders can simply ask the driver what they owe after they return.

MAHC hikes are rated as follows:


A distance of 5 miles or less and up to 1000 feet of elevation gain.


A distance of 5-10 miles and 1000-1800 feet of elevation gain.


A distance of greater than 10 miles and 1800-2500 feet of elevation gain. Suitable for experienced hikers.

We meet for hikes in Johnson City and/or Elizabethton. The gathering point in Johnson City is directly south of the Arby’s at South Roan Street and University Parkway. The gathering point in Elizabethton is the parking lot near the Elizabethton High School flagpole at the intersection of “E” Street and Bemberg Rd. It is advisable to check your email or our Announcements page before leaving for a hike in case of bad weather or if there is a change in plans. The hike leader will often try to alert club members by email or posting a notice on the Announcements page. There must be a minimum of 3 hikers on a club-sponsored hike. 

Please note that we typically depart from our gathering point at 8 AM on Saturdays and 1:15 PM on Sundays. A timely arrival at the gathering point will be appreciated. Saturday departure times can vary, so be sure to check the schedule before you set out. Email or call the hike leader if in doubt.In the event that someone cannot make the meeting location, they should contact the hike leader by 9 PM on the Friday before the hike to arrange to be picked up at another location and time.

Our Activities are Alcohol Free

The MAHC does not permit the consumption or possession of alcohol during any of its activities, including joint activities with other organizations. This policy extends to the consumption or possession of alcohol while traveling to and from hikes and at the trailheads or parking areas.

Some Suggestions for New Hikers

Know your limits! If you have not hiked in a while, select your hikes carefully until you get in shape and build stamina. Keep in mind that the hike ratings are just estimates and even a hike rated "Easy" can be difficult and frustrating for a person not used to the demands of hiking. It is a good practice to do a few "shakedown" hikes on easy trails (e.g., the Tweetsie, Virginia Creeper, or Greenbelt trails) to test your fitness and hiking footwear before tackling longer and more difficult hikes. If unsure about your level of fitness, we strongly recommend that you contact the hike leader before the hike and discuss if it is appropriate for you.

Please dress appropriately! This means good footwear, gaiters for deep snow, raingear, gloves and/or mittens, and warm layers. Polyester or synthetic fibers are preferable to cotton, especially on warm or damp days, because they absorb far less water and dry quickly. Cotton quickly becomes soggy, heavy, and cold in the rain or with heavy perspiration. Wool is a good choice for overall warmth and maintains much of its insulating properties when damp. Keep in mind that the weather in the mountains can be unpredictable and significantly colder than at lower elevations. It is prudent to carry an extra top in excess of what you think you will need.

Join Our Club

Guests are always welcome; you do not have to join our club in order to hike with us! If you want to join and contribute to club activities, however, dues are a whopping $10 per year. To join, download and print a completed membership application form and mail it with a $10 payment (payable to Mid-Applachian Highlands Club) to:

Mid-Applachian Highlands Club

3310 Honeywood Drive

Johnson City, TN 37604

Schedules will be sent primarily by e-mail and posted on this website. If you have e-mail, please let us know your address.

Having plenty of water cannot be over emphasized. In warm weather or cold, please bring ample water. On very strenuous, hot hikes, you may need 1 quart or liter of water per hour to stay properly hydrated. Adding electrolytes to your water or buying beverages that contain them for such hikes can also help to prevent cramps. Please refer to our Hiking Checklist and our article Some Tips for Safe Hiking for more information. On Saturday hikes, we generally stop on the trail at about noon for lunch. On any hike, however, it is also a good idea to bring a snack along for quick energy in case you begin to feel drained.

Photos by Eric Middlemas and Sharon Posniak.