Functional Biocontrol (biofeedback)

The complex of functional biocontrol (FBC) with electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback. This complex with using the parameters of bioelectrical activity of disturbed muscles as the feedback signal is used for directed activation and morphofunctional rebuilding of the regulating structures of central nervous system which controls the motor functions. The method of FBC with EMG biofeedback is used for treatment of different kinds of motor pathology - cerebral palsy, trauma of central and peripheral nervous systems, vascular diseases of brain and spinal cord, motor disfunctions after inflammatory diseases of central and peripheral nervous systems, orthopaedic diseases, etc). The using of this method has showed quite satisfactional clinical efficiency (it is higher than one of the common methods in 2-6 times depending on seriousness of disease).

The complex of FBC with EMG biofeedback for treatment of the deportment’s violations and scoliosis of different genesis. This complex is intended for the correction of deportment and scoliosis deformation by controlling of EMG of paravertebral muscles. During training the correction of the asymmetry of bioelectrical activity and changing of EMG parameters are accomplished. This complex is used for treatment of disturbances of deportment, dysplastic scoliosis, neuro-muscles scoliosis, compensatoric scoliosis, innate scoliosis, etc. The efficiency of the treatment of patients with above mentioned diseases is 2 times higher than efficiency of common methods.

The complex of FBC for the treatment of amblyopia. This complex used the EEG recorded from the occipital areas of the brain as managing parameters of cartoon’s brightness. The efficiency of this treatment’s method: after treatments course the keeness of eye increased from 0,04 till 0,1 (100% beneficial result); from 0,05-0,1 till 0,2-0,3 (88% beneficial result);; from 0,2-0,3 till 0,5-0,6; (52% beneficial result); from 0,4-0,9 till 0,6-1,0 (100% beneficial result). The decreasing of eye’s keeness wasn’t noted in any case.

The rehabilitation and diagnostic complex of FBC for treatment of hearing disturbances. This complex is intended do rehabilitation of children with sensoneural haed of hearing of 1-4 degree. Besides it is intended for the development of hearing attention and carrying out game objective tonal audiometria. At first the audiometria is carried out and then during seances the direct training of the hearing analizator is accomplished by sound signals of diapason of hard hearing frequencies of about threshold intensity. The aim of child is to support the brightness of cartoon on TV by pushing on the handle management in time of sound signal. So, the hearing attention is trained and hearing experience is developed due to multiple repeating of sound signals. During training the intensity of sound signals is gradually decreased and therefore the hearing thresholds are decreased and the sharpness of ear is increased. In case of additional electrostimulation of the hearing nerve we can decrease the hearing thresholds till 15-20 dB.

The rehabilitation and diagnostic complex of FBC for treatment of speech disturbances.

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