Michel Serafinelli

I am Assistant Professor in Economics at U of Essex; previous to Essex I was at U of Toronto; I hold a Phd from Berkeley; I am a Research Fellow at IZA 
  Research Fields
Labour Economics, Regional and Urban Economics, Political Economy, and Productivity and Technology.

I study the causes and the effects of differences across local labour markets in labour market outcomes, innovation and other economic and socio-institutional variables. Recurring themes are (a) labour mobility; (b) knowledge transfer; (c) cultural attitudes; (d) design-based analysis; (e) matched employer-employee data; and (f) mixed methods.

 Research Summary is here.


    Attitudes, Policies and Work (with Francesco Giavazzi and Fabio Schiantarelli), Journal of the European Economic Association [Late Working Paper VersionWeb Appendix; non-technical summary]

   Working Papers and Work in Progress
  Creativity over Time and Space - with G. Tabellini [CEPR Discussion Paper 12365; VOX non-technical summaryMedia Coverage: Marginal Revolution

  The World Rust Belts – with L. Gagliardi and E. Moretti

  Mobility of Inventors and Knowledge Transfer – with S. Di Addario and M. Mohnen

  Change and Persistence in the Economic Status of EU Rural Areas

  Notable People: Team Production, Mobility, and the Dynamics of Creative Clusters - with J.B.
Eymeoud, O. Gergaud, M. Louenan, G. Tabellini and E. Wasmer

  Visits and Talks
    May 23 U of Groningen
    Jun 1  Workshop on "Firms, Markets and Development", Ortygia Business School 
    Jun 11 CEP Labour Market Workshop, LSE
    Aug 26-30 EEA Manchester
    Oct 28 Humboldt University