Michel Serafinelli

Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Toronto. Starting July 2018: Assistant Professor in Economics at University of Essex
  Research and Teaching Fields
Labour Economics, Economics of Cities and Regions, Political Economy, and Productivity and Technology.

I study the causes and the effects of differences across local labour markets in labour market outcomes, innovation and other economic and socio-institutional variables. Recurring themes are (a) labour mobility; (b) knowledge transfer; (c) cultural attitudes; (d) design-based analysis; (e) matched employer-employee data; and (f) mixed methods.

 Research Summary is here.


    Attitudes, Policies and Work (with Francesco Giavazzi and Fabio Schiantarelli) Journal of the European Economic Association Dec. 2013 [Late Working Paper VersionWeb Appendix]

 Working Papers and Work in Progress
    Politico-economic Regimes and Attitudes: Female Workers under State-socialism - with Pamela Campa [Resubmitted (2nd round) to Review of Economics and Statistics; Code for Spatial RD; non-technical presentation by PamelaSlides

     Creativity over Time and Space - with Guido Tabellini [Submitted, CEPR Discussion Paper 12365; Slides; VOX non-technical summaryMedia Coverage: Marginal Revolution]

    Rust Belts of the World: The Effect of De-Industrialization on Cities in Six Countries – with Luisa Gagliardi and Enrico Moretti [Abstract]

    Inventors' Social Connections, Knowledge Transfer and Innovation – with Sabrina Di Addario and Myra Mohnen [AbstractSlides]

Other Topics of Current Interest
    Territories of Zero Long-term Unemployed in France, Social Innovation in EU Cities, Place-based Policies in Italy

Visits and Talks
    Apr 27: NBER Political Economy Meeting, Cambridge, MA
    May 11-12: Euro Meeting of the Urban Economics Association, Düsseldorf.
    May 14-16 Association Française de Science Economique conference, Paris
    Aug 27-31: EEA-ESEM, Cologne
    Sep 13-15: European Association of Labour Economists Meeting, Lyon.