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8 Doodles

“Now the death of God combined with the perfection of the image has brought us to a whole new state of expectation.  We are the image.  We are the viewer and the viewed.  There is no other distracting presence.  And that image has all the Godly powers.  It kills at will.  Kills effortlessly.  Kills beautifully.  It dispenses morality.  Judges endlessly.  The electronic image is man as God and the ritual involved leads us not to a mysterious Holy Trinity but back to ourselves.  In the absence of a clear understanding that we are now the only source, these images cannot help but return to the expression of magic and fear proper to idolatrous societies.  This in turn facilitates the use of the electronic image as propaganda by whoever can control some part of it.”  John Ralston Saul,  Voltaire’s Bastards.