A brief summary of my recent research

My ultimate research goal is to enable computers to better understand users, provide more effective support, and help people achieve higher working efficiencies, healthier minds, thus leading to more fulfilling individuals and a harmonious society.

My recent studies aim to achieve practical gaze and face analysis using low-cost off-the-shelf devices. These techniques allow for behavioral and mental states understanding in the wild, whose findings are then leveraged to further improve the recognition techniques, closing the loop between these two kinds of studies.

Specifically, I investigated the user-specific modeling from weakly labeled or interactional data to reduce user efforts in data labeling/calibration. I studied the adaptation from existing knowledge of different users or devices to accelerate the model learning process. I also proposed new feature representations based on the understanding of user behaviors to address the recognition problems. In addition, I dedicated to understanding user behavioral and mental states, including gaze-hand coordination, reading comprehension, stress, attention, and mind wandering in daily HCI tasks.

Journal papers:

Conference papers:

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Manuscripts under review or in preparation:

  • [U2] Jiajia Li, Michael Xuelin Huang, Grace Ngai, Hong Va Leong, Kien A. Hua. “A Practical Approach to Reading Comprehension Detection through Eye Movement Analysis”. In preparation.
  • [U1] Jiajia Li, Michael Xuelin Huang, Grace Ngai, Hong Va Leong. “A Multimodal, Non-intrusive Approach to Reading Comprehension Detection”. In preparation