Home Stuff

Home Stuff is an easy-to use, quick, and convenient way to find a home improvement or repair service near you.

Home Stuff quickly identifies your location and lets you choose the nearest Handyman, Locksmith, Painter, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, General Contractor, Landscaper, Roofer, etc...

Are you looking to change your Carpet, Blinds, or Floor? In need of Drywall Repair, Heating and Cooling Service, Pest Control, or Appliance Repair? Home Stuff can help you locate these services, and more!

When you select a listing, you can see the home service location on the map, the address, telephone number, and the distance from where you are. You can also call the business directly by tapping on the phone icon on your iPhone.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have an iPod touch, keep in mind that it does not have a built-in GPS; therefore, it cannot locate your position accurately.

Any questions or suggestions? E-mail Home Stuff-support mmquach@gmail.com