Barbara's Corner Window

Podcast Co- Host

Private Money Lender and Socially Macro Thinker

So hello my friends and welcome to my charming space. My name is Barbara and I am truly delighted that you have discovered my niche corner perch with a window that allows the discerning and curious viewer many opportunities to gaze, explore and learn more about our world. Let's discover together how we may move smoothly through this matrix of infinite vistas.

First, I would like to thank Michael Polk for creating this room with window and infinite possibilities. Next I would like to thank any and all visitors who wish to rest for a moment and be thankful for the grace and joy we all share. As like energy attracts like energy... My plan is to pretty much avoid toxic politics, always keeping my focus positive. .. With adventures into the Worlds of business, innovation, creativity, the arts and prospecting human joy and environmental sustainability as we sail together on the Good Ship Earth.

I will be sharing some ”right on ” and ”right off” POV’s while purposing to maintain poise and good posture. Those are the house rules. Please enjoy and feel welcome to participate. All are welcome.

A Little About Barbara

I spent over 20 years on Madison Avenue working as an Art Buyer in The MadMad world of Advertising; including a 15-year tenure as Associate Manager of Art Buying at Young & Rubicam. I worked directly with major clients like Addidas, Xerox, Oil of Olay, J&J. I functioned as a liaison between the Creative Executives and Account Managers. My position presented great challenges and great perks…I was a Producer of happy results! I assisted in creative solutions, contract negotiations, production quality, and meeting crazy deadlines. I estimated costs and timelines of each project and then was responsible to press out any wrinkles and gently push projects forward to an end result, i.e. a perfectly executed and beautifully produced magazine ad, POP, or Billboard.

As for the perks, I worked with some of the most famous fashion and commercial photographers and illustrators/artists including Leibowitz, Avedon, Hiro, Scavullo, Andrew Eccles, Patrick Demarchelier, Brigitte Lacombe, Seymore Chwast, Harvey Boyde, Keith Haring, and many, many more incredibly talented people. During these years I also freelanced on occasion as a Fashion and Decorative Stylist working directly with photographers, commercial directors, and clients, art directors and models. I directed casting calls with all the major New York Model Agencies.

I changed hats completely when I move to Orange County, California in 2002. Invited to work with my brother, John Lee, in his newly established and very successful Commercial Real Estate business, my husband and I decided to follow the sun. John had moved our Mother here as well. So we came.


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