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Research interests

  • Uncertainty quantification

  • Computer model emulation (numerical methods of partial differential equations)

  • Inverse problem/model calibration

  • Bayesian analysis

  • Spatio-temporal processes

  • Tensor methods

  • Natural hazard assessment

  • Molecular dynamics

Please find a complete list of publications and preprints in my google scholar profile.

Selected publications & preprints


    1. Gu, M., Palomo J. and Berger J. “RobustGaSP” available on CRAN, an R Package for Robust Gaussian Stochastic Process Emulation of complex computer models. Manuscript available in R Journal.

    2. Gu, M. RobustCalibration” available on CRAN, an R package for robust calibration for imperfect mathematical models.

    3. Gu, M. "FastGaSP" available on CRAN, an R package for fast and exact computation of Gaussian stochastic process.

    4. Gu, M. "RobustGaSP in MATLAB" package in Github, a MATLAB package for emulating complex computer model.

    5. Yue He and Gu, M. "DDM-UQ" package in Github, a MATLAB package for efficiently extracting information from microscopic videos and simulating 2D particle movements.

PhD Thesis

Gu, M. (2016). Robust uncertainty quantification and computation for computer models with massive output. PhD Thesis. Duke University.