I have taught a variety of courses at Penn State, Lehigh, and Carnegie Mellon, including advanced undergraduate and graduate courses (full list below). In Spring 2016 and Spring 2017 I received teaching awards for excellence in teaching.

In Spring 2019 I designed and taught Introduction to Proofs at Lehigh University. I experimented with a number of techniques inspired by an "Inclusivity in Teaching" workshop at Tufts University. See here for my class notes.

Carnegie Mellon University:

Spr 2021: calculus 2, 2 sections

Fall 2020: graduate riemannian geometry

Spr 2020: point-set (& some algebraic) topology

Fall 2019: calculus 3

Lehigh University:

Spr 2019: graduate algebraic topology

Spr 2019: introduction to proofs

Spr 2018: calculus 3

Fall 2017: calculus 2

Fall 2017: calculus 1

Pennsylvania State University:

Spr 2017: calculus 3 (differential only), 2 sections; received Charles. H. Hoover award

Spr 2016: calculus 3 (differential only), 3 sections; received dept. teaching award

Fall 2014: calculus 3 (differential only), 2 sections

Spr 2014: logic and probability, 3 sections

Spr 2013: calculus 3 (differential only), 2 sections

Fall 2012: linear algebra, 2 sections

Fall 2012: linear programming (grader only)

Spr 2012: topology (grader only)

Spr 2012: PMASS TA: concepts of geometry

Fall 2011: linear programming (grader only)